Settling in Sanliurfa, one of the major cities of southeast of Turkey, the missionaries form Korea continue their activities unremittingly.

Operating in different cities of eastern and south eastern cities of Turkey, Korean missionaries are widening their operation area boundaries.  Expediting their activities especially in Syrian-refugee populated neighborhoods, missionaries are distributing Arabic printed bibles.

The missionaries, who are performing their Christianity activities towards Syrian refugees fleeing civil war and other grieved groups, under the umbrella of some associations established for this purpose.  

Roaming in groups in the city, missionaries are distributing books and leaflets about Jesus prepared in compliances with Christian creed to people on the streets.

Working in many neighborhoods of Sanliurfa, missionaries’ showing up lately in central districts of Eyyubiye and Yakubiye draw attention.

Missionaries gather boys and girls in some rented houses and organize some sort of missionary activities. Targeting the Muslim youths, particularly those who have some sociological and physiological problems, missionaries itinerate in threes and make propaganda of Christianism in Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic. (ILKHA)

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