Kidnapped by HDPKK mother of the university student known as a person with a religious identity, stating that her son was kidnapped because of his Islamic personality, she called for his release some time ago.

Arguing with students that are supporters of HDPKK in Hakkari (colemerg) were threated just because they don’t think and live in same way as them, were kidnapped afterwords. The family expressed their concern about the life of their son, as long time has passed since he was kidnapped.

The mother Husna Tekman that we have interviewed as Ilke News Agency, reacted by saying;  “Why did you kidnaped my son? Is it crime to pray in this country? You were saying that you wouldn’t make mothers cry…”

Mother Tekman, brothers Mehmet and Mujdat Tekman urged officials to do their duties and Zafer Tekman and his friend to be rescued from HDPKK gangs.

“How will those who made us that cruelty will give their account to Allah?”

Indicating that Zafer is 5th child out of her 8 children said she couldn’t stop crying ever since her son was kidnapped, mother Tekman said; “We have not heard from my son since 31st days. They kidnapped my child. My Zafer doesn’t have any crime. He was a doing prayers regularly. He reads the Koran. The only crime is being a Muslim. He doesn’t have any other crimes except being muslim. They should release my Zafer. They should leave my son. It is 31 days since they have kidnapped him. Last time I have seen my son 4 monthes ago as he was leaving in boarding school in Hakkari. When Zafer came home he would kiss our hands. He would sit with me and cuddle me and we would chat. We would help us for the village affairs. He helps his father. He is a boy that would no harm to anyone. He was very good child, he was respectful and modest. He was very fond of us, he loves us a lot."

Mother with her eyes in tears, is waiting for the day that her son will be released

Saying that they have made several attends as family during this process; Mother Tekman said; "What do we have done during this process? We always cried for a monthly. We were eagerly waiting for our child. I cried with my eyes on the road until evening. His father, uncle and a few relatives of us went to Hakkari. Here they met with officials. But we did not get any results. "

"That is enough!  Do not make the mothers to cry ...”

Referring to the solution process the mother with we eyes, reminded the words of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and HDP officials saying "The mothers will no longer cry," and said "They continuous make mothers cry. Now it is enough they should no more make mothers cry. Mothers continuously made to cry already. They make us suffer by kidnapping our children. What is the crime of our son. Being muslim? Or praying? Are these crime? They have to release our children. "

Repeating her call also in Turkish the mother Tekman, said “Do not make mothers cry. Or otherwise you can not give the account of this neith in life nor after the death."

"The soldiers shouldn’t die also the terrorists on the mountains but people to hell!"

Reminding that his brother was kidnapped since one month and that they couldn’t hear anything from him, Mehmet Tekman said; "Now we say enough. They should leave my brother a moment soon. How many years has it been they implementing the a process they call the Peace Process. Unfortunately, children under 15 years of age are detained in this process. Our brothers being kidnapped and our mothers are made to be crying. We know that six thousand children were abducted during this process. They still call this Peace Process (!) It is enough! If they are calling this peace process, we don’t need this peace like that but just I want to curse on this process.’’

PKK told us they would question our son and after send to us

Stating that they went to Hakkari with family of Idris Dogan, brother Tekman said; ‘’When we were in Hakkari family of Idris Dogan who was kidnapped with my brother was there as well they told them ‘Your son is with us. You can go now we will send him to you after questioning’ but It has been one month and they didn’t send them.

"HDP is democratic in west but in the east they are despots"

Calling the officials to do their jobs, Mehmet Tekman said; “More than one month time past but still no news on our brother and his friend. This shows that officials do not fulfill their duties. A moment ago they should do their duties. They should send my brother back. We want to say that to HDP / PKK; enough of this hypocrisy, they are democrats when they go to west. But in the east they are despotic and are cruel." And the younger brother said the process so called peace process is not the peace but loughing at people process.

If the president’s son was abducted would he just wait and do nothing for one month?

Tekman said, “On one hand you will shed blood and abduct people. On the other hand you will call it peace process. We are saying enough is enough. Let’s not force our patience and burn our hearts. Especially I want to call the senior HDPKKs.  They burn our hearts but their children study abroad. They study in the best conditions. But our brother has to study somewhere like Hakkari. Because the cheapest dorm is there. Cheapest school there. I wonder what they would do if their children were abducted. Here I particularly want to speak to the President and the Prime Minister. I wonder if Mr. President's son was abducted. Would ha be able to sit doing nothing for month?"

Her eyes in tears since her son was kidnapped, Husna Tekman just can look at her son’s picture.

On the other hand we have interviewed  the family of the other student Idris Dogan. Dogan’s family indicated that their son was kidnapped by HDPKK, the family said; ‘’ We went there a while ago to ask about Idris and his brother , they confessed that both of them were in their hands and they wouldn’t deliver them to us but they would let them free after they question them.’’  Also Tekman’s family saying these, shows no doubt that the two students were kidnapped by PKK. (ILKHA)

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