HUDA PAR [Free Cause Party] drew attention to the purpose of Western forces is not to clean up Mosul from ISIS, their main purpose is to set ground for the civil war in Iraq and turn it to Syria.

HUDA PAR Headquarters evaluated Mosul operation launched this morning, with a written statement they have published.

 In the statement they have started with a verse from Quran surah ar-Ra’d [The Thunder] “Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves..” and drew attention of the imperialists purposes on the Islamic lands, also they renewed their demand that problems among Muslims shouldn’t be referred to imperialist countries.

 “Issue and operation of Mosul are results of oppression have been done by ethnic and sectarian nation-states on other nations which those nation-states have constituted in the Western line with Sykes-Picot treaty and their borders had been drew by imperialist forces.” they said in the statement and emphasized Sykes-Picot treaty hold Islamic geography in pledge for a century.

In the statement they remarked that Islamic lands shouldn’t be taken as hostage for another century within the result of treaty and added, “It should be seen that Islam is the guaranty for living together with different ethnics and different sectarians.”

Living in captivity shouldn’t be the fate of Muslim

One of the most important problem that Islamic world encounters is that they can’t demonstrate to solve their own problems in their own said in the statement and added:

“Like in Syrian issue, it is a big calamity imperialist countries occupied Islamic geography but the bigger calamity than this is that there is no serious objection against this, even they accept this. Muslims domestic affairs leaved to imperialist powers didn’t solve the problems, instead those problems got bigger. In the problems where global powers involved, it if clear with unpleased experiences that they won’t care about the sensitivity and esteem of civilian people and they won’t be reluctant in destroying our cities which they are center of our civilization. People in Mosul which they are in the middle of a war they don’t want to, they are close to massacres like in other examples. When the situation is like this, it is lack of foresight when local powers are not solving their own problems with dialog, negotiation and peaceful solution, instead they apply violence which might cause civil war. It shouldn’t be the fate of Muslims to be a toy for imperialist powers and live in captivity in Islamic geography.”

Purpose of imperialists is to design this region with their spies after ISIL

In the statement they have emphasized that the purpose of Western forces is not to take Mosul from the control of ISIS and added, “Purpose of imperialist Western forces which they have swarmed like carrion crows on these lands, is not to clean Mosul from ISIS. Purpose of imperialist forces is design this region with their agencies, create a conflict between local powers and turn Iraq like a second Syria after ISIS. The operation launched without clearing who will join and what will be done in Mosul after ISIS makes everything clear that their purpose is a civil war in Iraq. While the condition is like this, Muslim countries will be partner of massacres when they act with ethnic and sectarian paradigm. The solution is one: Islamic world must solve their problems in their own, and our civilization values which it is justice itself to be ruled.” (ILKHA)

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