Veysi Ece, who lost her daughter in the bomb-laden vehicle attack in Diyarbakir, cursed those who carried out the attack and said, "The PKK claims to do this for the Kurdish people. You are saving the Kurdish by killing the Kurdish?"

Mother of 2 children Zeynep Sevinçer died on the bombed minibus attack carried out by PKK in the region of Baglar where crowded by civilians, in Diyarbakir, has sent off on an eternal journey.

Sevinçer was buried in Yeniköy Cemetery. Her painful father, Veysi Ece reacted to the PKK, stating that after of her daughter, there is a 4 month old baby and the other 4 years old, 2 orphans left.

Ece said that Kurdish people do not deserve this, and stated that Kurdish right would not be defended by killing Kurds.

Expressing that PKK/HDP regards bombs as a reward for the Kurdish people, said Ece and added, "Kurdish people do not want it. Kurdish people do not deserve this. We do not deserve this. Didn’t people make them deputies, didn’t they give them the municipality? Did not everyone do what they wanted? What they did to us rather than bombing attacks. This is the reward of our nationality! This is the reward of our people, but people still do not wake up. You made them parliamentarians, you sent them to the parliament, you made them mayors, but what are they doing? You detaining a bomb there but do you not know that there are Kurdish people there, houses, and children? If you blow a bomb just under of my house, these people will die. Aren’t those people are Kurdish? How do you defend the rights of Kurdistan? You cannot defend my right to kill me."

Are you saving my rights by killing Kurdish?

Emphasizing that the struggle of the PKK is not for the Kurdish people, Ece claimed, "The PKK claims to do this on behalf of the Kurdish people. Are you saving Kurdish by killing Kurdish? Are you saving my rights by killing Kurdish? What have you got by taking my life? Allah curse on the PKK. O cruel, O Israel's dogs, American imperialist dogs, what happened? You have burned my life, you have burned my heart, and Allah has fire on your house, your life."

They took half of their dreams [his daughter’s dream]

Expressing that they have experienced a trauma due to suffering from pain, Ece continued his words as follows:

"They bought a new house 10-15 days ago. He settled down to the house and then this event has happened. They didn’t enjoy of their house. Previously they were tenants, then they bought this house. We thought they would relax but those who carried out the attack has left their dreams halfway. It's hard to lose my daughter in such an explosion. We do not know what we are living now, we live but we are dead. We are suffering every day. She has gone innocently and saved herself, but we are miserable. My daughter has martyred. Praise be to Allah, it is her martyrdom that comforts us."

They cannot tell the death of their mother to my granddaughter, but they tell them that their mother is in heaven

Ece, said that his grandkids are been treating psychologically by losing their mother, and continued, "Two of my grandchildren remain orphans. One is 4 years old and the other is 4 months old. One of them stayed with me the first night. The next day we gave her to her father. Now my grandkids are with their father. They are not aware of the death of their mother. The psychologist is dealing with my grandchildren. The psychologist is slowly telling them about their mother. They cannot tell about death, but they tell them that their mother is in paradise. They're trying to calm them down. With my grandchildren, our psychology is also down, we do not know what to do."

It hurts us that my daughter has martyred with the bomb of these bastards

Ece said that his daughter has an exemplary personality with her morality, "She was very helpful, she was reading the Qur'an, never misses in her prayers. He was very compassionate and very conscientious. She helped a lot around his neighbors. She has never hurt a person's heart. Her family, his surroundings and his neighbors all agreed with him. I give her blessing my right of fatherhood. My daughter is martyred, I do not feel sorry for her. It just makes us sad that she martyred with the bombs these bastards. May Allah guide them if they are worthy of the right path. No, if they are not worthy of the right path, may Allah curse them with the 'Kahhar' name. Allah set fire to their house. My heart burned and may their heart also burn."

11 people lost their lives and 378 other people were injured in a bomb-loaded minibus attack in Bağlar last Friday of the week. Many of apartments, houses, offices and cars were damaged with the explosion. (ILKHA)

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