who escaping from massacres are trying to cross into Bangladesh

The Arakanese Muslims, who are subjected to the barbaric assaults of the Myanmar State's troops and Buddhist gangs, are trying to cross into Bangladesh to not be murdered brutally.

The drama of Arakan (Rohingya) Muslims, who are subjected to inhuman barbarous attacks by Buddhist Myanmar (Burma) soldiers and Buddhist gangs led by priests, continue.

Gangs that have increased their attacks in recent times; Thousands of Muslims, children, women, men, young and elders in Maungdaw, Kyangtaung and Rathedaung cities are massacred by burning alive or disintegrating with bayonets, while those who can save their lives are trying to cross over to Bangladesh.

Arakanese Muslims who crossing Naf River near Bangladesh and crossing to Coxs Bazar are handed over to the Myanmar government once they are caught by the Bangladeshi Government's troops at the border.

Arakanese Muslims, who have managed to escape from the border which are closed by the two governments, are taking refuge in the refugee camps of the Moheskhali, Ukhiya and Teknaf districts of Coxs Bazar. While thousands of Muslims stay in the Kutupalong refugee camp in Ukhiya, they are trying to keep alive under difficult circumstances.

Muslims in camps are suffering from not having especially food for babies, medicines for patients and doctors that will cure those who are injured, are waiting for the support and help of the whole world, especially from Islamic countries.

Muslims who are trying to survive in the barracks made of sheet metal in tents, especially in areas where the nights are very cold, say they prefer to die of hunger and epidemic diseases in refugee camps instead of being killed in brutal attacks of Buddhist gangs and the Myanmar State.

New images reached by Ilke News Agency (ILKHA) reflect the painful situation of Muslims in refugee camps.

Explanations of an Arakanese Muslim woman who succeeds in crossing the border with two children on her lap reveals the persecution they have experienced.

Than woman, whose name not learned said that, "Troops are killing us. They force us to migrate to Bangladesh. We fled because Myanmar soldiers were out for killing us. We came here with boats from the river. Then we walked a very long way. We do not have a shelter. Wherever we find it, we will take shelter there. It's very cold around here. We do not know what to do. We will stay where we will find a place."

Other images reflected in the region are like slapping on the sleeping conscience of humanity. The new massacres, which have lived in the years of 2012 and beyond, are like images that are partly reflected in the public, show more than the dimensions of savagery.

Burned Muslims bodies are lifeless, while they were working on the fields they were killed and thrown to river by Buddhist gangs’ attacks. Farmers and similar squares that are thrown into the reeds are slaughtered, which is a pain that cannot be described.

Despite days of publications and calls, active steps are still not taken for Arakanese Muslims; the experienced barbarism, the question is comes to mind about who are partners of the Government in Myanmar Buddhist violence. (ILKHA)

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