Gülden Sönmez, one of the victims' lawyers who attended yesterday’s Yasin Börü case in Ankara, said that the conscience of humanity was hurt with the brutality and invited everybody to show a closer interest in the next sessions.

The 11th trial of the 41 accused cases which 21 detainees suspected murder of Yasin Börü, Hüseyin Dakak, Riyad Güneş and Hasan Gökgöz who were massacred by PKK in Diyarbakır on October 6-7, 2014 was seen in Ankara 2nd Heavy Penal Court.

Lawyer Gülden Sönmez, Vice Chairman of IHH, participated in the trial since the beginning of the case until today, after the court she said that the conscience of humanity was wounded with the brutality in the statement made.

Sönmez, a victim's lawyer stated that the case has a lot of misfortune in the investigation stage, said: "In the previous investigation process, members of the police are in contact with irregularities in Diyarbakır, such as the prosecution of the prosecutor not conducting the investigation diligently, leaving many things missing. A file that opened quite late and was incomplete. And it is not conducting in Diyarbakir but in Ankara."

Sönmez said that they encountered very different attitudes in this case. "We expressed our dissatisfaction about the course of the judgments. In fact, all the attorneys who attended in one session as the victim's lawyers also left the courtroom. In the last sessions, a little more work was seriously followed by more meticulousness. Because, as you see today, people are coming and they are not leaving the case."

"Society is following this case strictly as a matter of conscience"

Sönmez, stated that not only the lawyers, but the media, politics and society follow the case, "Humanity's conscience was injured. Because of the gravity, the brutality of the crimes committed, and the debt of those children, the whole society is strictly following this case as a matter of conscience."

Demands will continue for judges to instigators

Sönmez expressed her hopes that the judiciary do what it is necessary as soon as possible and conclude the case, "At least the fact that there is no eviction makes the victims and relatives of the martyrs happy. You know, at first, even the names that were known to be so obvious involved were evicted. We hope that the deficiencies are completed on the time. They find the punishment they deserve. As relatives of the martyrs and lawyers, a number of demands were made for the instigators to be on trial and punished in this file. It seems that at this stage it does not seem very possible at all. We can say this clearly in the attitude of the court. Requests in this regard will continue."

"Everybody wants to see this result with great impatience"

Sönmez stated that if the conscientious people do not leave this work, the criminals will get the punishment they deserve, "Everyone wants to see this result with great impatience. And let me say that if the judgments are not done seriously, if such crimes do not find the punishment they deserve, then violence will arise in all our streets."

"After 2 or 3 hearings the court can come to the decision stage"

Sönmez said that they were convinced that the case would come to a decision stage after 2 or 3 hearings, "If there is no extraordinary situation, the current situation shows it. But the most important stage is the next stage. In other words, we have a position where all of our opinions about the essence will be given, all the things that defenses are to be put forth."

"The next sessions are as important as the initial sessions"

Sönmez, who has been in a call to the followers of the case, said, "The subsequent hearings are as important as the ones at the beginning.  I want to invite all to show closer interest in the next sessions. I guess we got very close to the decision" (ILKHA)

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