The perception headlines maintained by leading European media organizations for the deep-chaotic environment to be established in Turkiye are continuing.

Press organizations in Europe that dominate the world public opinion and have dominant influence over the local-national media organizations are carrying out perception operations targeting at continuing the chaos in Islamic geography, effort for deepen chaos in Turkiye takes attention.

In the first days of the New Year, headlines in the Western press revealed that terrorist activities in Turkiye in 2017 are going to increase. It is emphasized that the main actors of blood flowing in Islamic geography, Europe and USA, will be better developed.

While they analyses that Turkiye is going to be a target for more attacks due to the operations of the Euphrates Shield and the PKK, the operations of the coalitions formed by the Western countries, especially carrying out those in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria, which are not recognized by law, are ignored and the reflections that might come to the fore are ignorant which seen as a part of this perception operation.

The perception of the Western press, underlining the fact that the countries that uniquely determine their foreign policies will face the threat of "terrorist attacks", are threatening countries that act outside their control.

In the perception headlines generated against Turkiye, strategists and analysts who are used as domestic materials are also attracted attention.

It is a known fact that some individuals and organizations belonging to different thinkers are contributing knowingly or unknowingly to the headlines of perception of the European press just for opposition, as well as the chaos maker of some of the central media in Turkiye are engaged in the Western press.

The European press, which has always drawn positive statements about the future of the western countries, which racist, anti-Islamic attacks that have increased day by day, is making great efforts to capture the momentum of internal turmoil in Islamic countries, which they can not control.

The Western press, which is trying to bring deep chaos with the manipulative news, is trying to satisfy the imperial appetite of its own states and to reinforce its sovereignty. Headlines such as "Terror attacks are expected to increase in Turkiye in 2017"," Turkey is turning into a sick man of Europe" and it is pointed out that a similar process that has survived to the Ottoman Empire is being applied today.

In the first hours of 2017, the press organizations that place a heavy emphasis on provocative news with the armed attack carried out on a night club in Istanbul; operates perception operations for conflicts of different ideas, and lifestyles in Turkiye.

Sometimes it is also seen that European press, which unleashes unreal news to subject to the Muslim Kurdish and Turkish nation conflict, publishes some articles, analyzes that will form the ground for the Alevi-Sunni conflict.

All this together with the provocative sharing made in social media by fake or troll accounts also serves for the same purpose. The goal is to disseminate the cultivation of the alienation in the society, to eradicate the tolerance, to create a deep gap between the differences and prepare the ground for conflict...

International cooperate in dealing with actual conflicts are trying to dominate politics and governance, sometimes through subjugated subcontractors inside and sometimes effective and dominant media organizations. (ILKHA)

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