About 45 thousand people who have been evacuated from Aleppo and took refuge in Idlib, are nervous against a possible attack, NGO representatives and officials said that a heavier statement could be formed if the refugees are not taken for granted.

The drama of the Syrians, who have been evacuated from Aleppo and taken refuge in Idlib, continues. The Syrians, who have been released from the attack on Aleppo, have become uneasy about a possible attack on Idlib.

The victims of the war, who settled in the tents that they built with their own means to the edge of a mountain overlooking Turkiye in Idlib, don’t know what to do against the possibility of an attack. Turkiye, which has taken action to prevent a new Aleppo tragedy in Idlib, where the opponents are sheltered, continues its negotiations.

A large number of charities reaching Idlib where a great humanity drama is experiencing are trying to meet the basic needs for who became even more victims of the heavy winter conditions.

Behçet Atila, the IHH's Eastern and Southeastern Regional Officer and Şanlıurfa Provincial Mufti İhsan Açık expressed observes on human tragedy in Idlib to ILKHA.

IHH East and Southeastern Regional Officer Behçet Atila, said that the wounded and patients who were among Syrian's Aleppo evacuees were brought to various hospitals in Turkiye and the rest were placed in Idlib at the control of opponents, said that many charity organizations are trying to help of these people.

Atila stated that the Syrians who took refuge in Idlib are in need of all kinds of humanitarian assistance and said, "The most important need there is the shelter because the winter conditions are now heavy and snow is occasionally snowing. Tent cities are being established for that. These villagers are not containers nor prefabricated but villagers what we normally know. The workings of these villagers are continuing. We have started village studies before the evacuation and there are also people who come from cities like Deyrazor, Rakka, Haseki, Humus and Hama outside of Aleppo in normal times. They migrate to places they find safer. So there is an immigration as opposed to outside migration. We can’t say that they are not refugees because they are in the Syrian territory. After all they have left the place where they have lived and they have a need for help. Especially they need blankets, dry food, hygiene package, milk and similar basic necessities. In the giant ovens in Reyhanlı and Kilis, about 3 TIR's are consumed per day for the bread needs of the people in this region.”

Atila stated that there was any kind of drama that could come to mind in the war that took place in Syria and said that an empathy should be established for the people who came to Turkiye and those who stayed in Syria.

"We must do our preparations, or the drama here may be heavier than Aleppo's drama."

Atila said that people living in Idlib are in an uneasy expectation, "People came and settled here because Idlib region is close to Turkiye and also in control of the opponents. But now this - Allah bless - also contains another danger. There is no guarantee that those tyrants will not attack here tomorrow. Of course this is the prediction. But I think that Turkiye is making an effort to prevent this situation from happening. It is also the part that worries us and deeply worries. As it is in Aleppo, if they surrounded, are we ready, are the people in Idlib ready? Believe me none of us are ready to this. We must do our preparations, or the drama here can be heavier than Aleppo's drama."

"The Syrians, who have suffered great sorrows in this war, do not want to lose it at the table"

Atilla evaluated the cease fire negotiations in the eyes of the Syrian that happen between Turkiye, Iran and Russia to end the war in Syria in recent days, and said that Syrian people who suffered great sorrows in this war, do not want to lose it at the table.

Atila said that the Syrian wanted Turkiye to make a safe zone far away from the war, where the area under control by the Operation of the Euphrates Shield is better both Syrians and Turkiye. He urged everyone in this region to be more sensitive to their assistance.

"With the fear of attack, the people are sheltered in the foothills overlooking Turkiye"

Şanlıurfa Provincial Mufti Ihsan Açık, expressing that it is applaudable that many different charitable organizations helping Syrian victims after the Aleppo drama, cautioned on a very big drama on the mountain overlooking Turkiye where people are sheltered especially for fear of assault.

"Imams of mosques in the 9 provinces are going to Idlib every day in order"

Indicating that they had decided to cooperate with the 9 provincial muftis for the installation and distribution of the aid sent to Idlib, Açık stated that every other day 20 different volunteer imams in the mosque go to the Syrian territory.

Açık stated that the situation is very bad in Idlib and they return to Turkiye within the same day not to be burden the people.

"Children are in horror dimension of the event"

Açık, expressed his observations as follows: "Now there are a large number of orphans. How did these orphans come here, where did they come from? An old uncle kept them walking as far as he could walk. These children have neither their mother nor their father. They say for example ‘there are 4 martyrs from this child’s family.’ Maybe that child is not even aware of this. Children are only in horror dimension of the event. They don’t even know what have they lost. The Syrians are still uneasy about the security of the Syrians who have settled in Idlib. Because the area is so wide. We entered from the border and we haven’t noticed any official security along the way we went. You see, a younger brother says, 'go' who has weapon in the waist. They smile at the same time we say we came from Turkiye. There is a great gap there. Because there are a lot of people living in there.”

Expressing that the words were inadequate in telling the humanitarian drama in Idlib, Açık stated that thanks to all the helping organizations that helped the victims there, they should continue to provide help to people who have nothing. (ILKHA)

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