President Erdoğan pointed out that the Europeans take FETO/PKK under their wings but prevent Syrians, Arakanese, Afghans, and African oppressed from the right to asylum.

Erdoğan met at the lunch with the Ambassadors participating in the 9th Ambassadors' Conference, said: "Putschist, FETO members, bloody minded killers, unfortunately are welcoming by some European countries. While right of asylum prevented from Syrian innocents, Arakanese oppressions, Afghans-African poor, it has been serves to FETO/PKK terrorists on a silver platter.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave a dinner in the Presidential Complex in honor of the Ambassadors who attended the 9th Ambassador Conference.

“Members of the FETO, bloody killers, unfortunately, are treated like victims in some European countries, the arm is winged around them. While the right to asylum is prevented from Syrian innocents, Arakanese oppressors, Afghan-Afghan poor, it has been serves to FETO/PKK terrorists on a silver platter. You see them clearly in those countries where you have personally served. Those who turn their back to people who came to their doors to save their life, with a bowl of soup, are protecting putschist and terrorists. I am not to be willing to say mates but we are saddened with this picture with the countries we know as allies.”

"PKK sympathizers, ASALA supporters and FETOs are hand in hand doing action"

Erdogan pointed out that FETO had always carried out a perception operation against Turkiye in every country he had the chance to see, and he said, "PKK sympathizers, ASALA supporters, and FETOs hand in hand, acting in arm's arms. I am aware of the momentum of each of you after the coup attempt and I know that this structure that has leaked to each of our institutions has also spread to the Foreign Ministry and that the Foreign Ministry has suffered some difficulties after the removal of the persons linked with the organization.

Erdoğan stressed that the purpose of these organizations is to bring the country into a clash of faith and ethnic origin, while fighting against FETO, PKK, Daesh and DHKP-C. President Erdoğan underlined the fact that these organizations with attacks on different parts of the society they to bring the fire in Syria and Iraq into Turkiye. (ILKHA)

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