The academics, politicians and citizens in the evaluations of the US bases in Turkiye stated that the bases should be closed by pointing out that they are a great threat for Turkiye.

The public opinion demanded to shut down the Incirlik Base in Adana, known as the power behind the US-backed July 15 coup attempt and known to be used in air bombardments during the invasion of Iraq, was brought to the attention by National Defense Minister Fikri Işık and Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

As the demands for closure of the base increased day by day, the assistant director of the Center for Political Researches of the Dicle University Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Şeyhanlıoğlu, Saadet Party Diyarbakir Provincial Chairman Fesih Bozan and citizens, who spoke to ILKHA pointed out that the base is a big threat for Turkiye.

There are atomic weapons belonging to the US at the Incirlik Base said Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Şeyhanlıoğlu stated that he believes these atomic weapons are held there for threats against Turkiye.

Şahhanlıoğlu reminded that the planes that took off from Incirlik Base were refueling air crafts those were flying in low in Ankara and Istanbul, as asked, "Well, do you guarantee that these atomic bombs will not be used against us?"

"America used Incirlik for military purposes in the coup"

Şeyhanlıoğlu "There are two kinds of threats for Turkiye: uncontrolled and unauthorized use and espionage against its neighbors. The US also used Incirlik for military purposes in the coup, including the July 15 coup attempt, so this base must be closed in absolute terms. In the Gulf War, Iraq was destroyed over this base, and Saddam was destroyed by the northern frontier. Only America was profitable in that war. We suffered billions of dollars in damages. On July 15 this surging tanker aircraft and other unknown radar control systems used against the legal government of this country."

"Turkiye has seen colonial treatment over Incirlik"

Şeyhanlıoğlu said that some of the people he knew were doing military service and expressing that they are immoral to Turkish citizens, "What advantage has this base served benefit of Turkiye for 65 years? There is a threat from Syria to Turkiye. Why did not this base do business in Cyprus against Greece? Why planes took off from this base are not helping to Turkiye? Why did not this base stand against the coup in Turkiye?"

"All NATO bases in Turkiye should definitely be under control"

Şeyhanlıoğlu added that not only the Incirlik Base but all the NATO bases in Turkiye should be controlled in absolute terms, "The elements of NATO should be kept away from the Ministry of National Defense. If we really want to be "national", we should be ready to get out of NATO, should be ready to interned NATO elements. We have to surround it and control it, otherwise the National Intelligence Organization and the Turkish Armed Forces will be the CIA's Turkiye branch and always make a coup. So far Turkiye has seen net colonial treatment through Incirlik."

"Islamic Ummah is unity there is no such thing as the Shiite and the Sunnis"

Şeyhanlıoğlu had the following evaluations: "In the Cyprus war of 1974, the US threatened Turkiye with the bombing of its straits: They have sold Turkiye in the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U-2 crisis, the intervention of Cyprus in the Johnson Letter, the September 12, the Gulf War of 1990. We can’t say that Turkiye has been treated as a real ally. We say that Turkiye is the second largest army of NATO, whereas in their eyes Turkiye is a mankurt country. Turkiye has the potential to create a new world order of materially and spiritually. Our geography is our friendship, our economic resources are also same, and there is no such thing as Shiite and Sunnis in here. Islamic Ummah is unity. In this case Egypt, Turkiye, Iran and Arabia should have a quad table, they must establish a summit and establish a security cooperation in a way that will make all the foreign powers leave in the region, especially in the Syrian issue. Otherwise they will all be miserable."

"The government has to say 'One minute' to the US"

Reminding that the coordinates of President Erdoğan’s plane which departed from Dalaman, given to the pilots from the US in the coup attempt of the night, Şeyhanlıoğlu said, "Legitimate power has to say ‘one minute to the US who is not give the FETO ringleader, providing land-to-air weapon system to PYD, supporting Daesh. Once, let's take the fear, the helplessness and the sick man's psychology over us, otherwise they will take us down. Those bases are threaten Turkiye's internal and external security."

Saadet Party Diyarbakır Provincial Chairman Fesih Bozan described as an inconvenience that Turkiye failure to close a base.

Bozan pointed out that Incirlik base was mentioned to be in charge of activities against Turkiye after every coup, stated that it is known by the authorities in Turkiye that NATO helping the organizations in Syria and Iraq but still that base could not be closed though.

People from Diyarbakır who spoke to ILKHA about the presence of Incirlik Base and other NATO bases in Turkiye stated that these bases should be closed.

Cengiz Kaya stated that he could not make any sense that America and other western countries are in Turkiye for operational purposes.

Mehmet Erim, emphasizing that the forces that are allied with Turkiye do not provide the necessary support to Turkiye, "The base should be closed. I want the authorities to carry out policies that are beneficial for Turkiye's interests."

Ercan Güzel, who said that war planes departing from Incirlik base are bombing oppressed people in Syria, said, "This is a Muslim country. They should act like a Muslim country."

Citizens named Orhan Tanrıkulu and Selim Koyuncu also stated that Turkiye should not be in an expectation from America and the base should be closed.

US and NATO military bases in Turkiye:

-Afyonkarahisar Military Airport: It is the biggest military airport of Turkiye. It is NATO’s second largest airport. It is used as the "main jet maintenance base". The work on opening civilian flights has not been approved by NATO.

-Incirlik Air Base: The management and supervision belong to Turkish Army [TSK] is a major regional repository base for NATO. The 10th Main Jet Base of Turkish Aeronautical Association [THK] and 39th main jet base of US Air Force are also serving here.

- İzmir Çiğli Air Base: It is connected to US air force (USAFE) in Europe. I-hawk and roland missile systems with 42 aircraft and 300 military personnel were deployed.

-Şile Base: It is a shooting range in international standards for launching the Stinger missile.

-Konya Airbase 3rd Main Jet Base Command: Awacs brought by NATO in Iraq occupation are deployed here.

-Balkesir Bandirma Air Base 9th Air Jet Base: There are 6 missile ramps called "vault".

-Mardin: Combined air operations centers (CAOC6) linked to NATO are there.

In addition to this, it is also possible to find out more about military bases like in Muğla Aksaz Naval Base, Malatya Kürecik Radar Base, Ankara - Ahlatlıbel, Amasya - Merzifon, Bartın, Çanakkale, Diyarbakir - Pirinçlik Barrack, Eskişehir, İzmir - Bornova, İzmit, Kütahya, Lüleburgaz, Sivas – Şarkışla, Rize - Pazar, Erzurum, Van - Pirreşit. (ILKHA)

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