expect help for their SSPE patient son

A family living in Şanlıurfa is waiting for help for their son who are suffering from SSPE [Subakut sklerozan panensefalit] after a stale vaccination injected in primary school.

Mehmet Yıldız, a resident of Şanlıurfa's Viranşehir province, was found to suffer from SSPE after a stale vaccine injected in primary school.

Stating that his son health condition getting worse from day to day, Salih Yıldız said that all the doors he went to were shut in his face and he was in desperate condition.

Yıldız said, "My son has become like this after the stale vaccination injected at school when he goes to primary school. We wanted our child to grow healthy by vaccinating, but this vaccine became the disaster of our children and our lives. We are suffering to this for years. There is no hospital left that I didn’t go for my child's treatment, there is no door that I didn’t knocked. But all the doors were shut in my face.”

Yıldız said that they had fallen into a very difficult situation due to illness. Yıldız completed his words as follows: "Before this illness, there were 30 acres of farming, 6 apartments and work place. Because I could not work during the treatment and because I was travelling from hospital to another hospital in west cities, all my properties have consumed. My father and I have consumed all of our possessions. Now we are fighting for life in this rundown house with a room and a living room in the village."

Sare Yildiz, who expressed that they did not see the daylight because of his son Mehmet's disease, said "Our son is dying every day because of this illness and we are dying with him. Life is a dungeon for us. I am going to sue those who did to my son in the judgment day. I have to look after my child on my own as my husband goes to work in the province. The house we are living in is both unhealthy and too narrow and I look forward to the authorities looking for our rights and helping us." (ILKHA)

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