PAR reacts to Viranşehir attack

HUDA PAR Viranşehir District Office made a statement and condemned the bombed attack that carried out last night in Viranşehir, district of Şanlıurfa.

Reaction continues to the bombed attack carried out last night in the province of Viranşehir in Şanlıurfa.

Making a statement about the subject, HUDA PAR Viranşehir District President Yakup Esmer, condemned the event with a strong language.

"This and similar attacks targeting the civilian and innocent people serve chaos," said Esmer, who indicated that the bomb in the province was aimed at brotherhood, peace and the future of the people.

Drawing attention to the presence of the enormity forces who are struggling for the Syrianization of Turkiye, Esmer continued his words: "Such a chaos means all of us disaster. We are all on the same ship and sinking the ship means that we all drown in this water."

Esmer, who said that they cursed the last night bombed attacks and similar attacks, said: "We wish for the immediate healing and mercy from Allah for those who lost their lives. We thank the people of the district who ran for the help after the attack and congratulate them on the basis of their sensitivity." (ILKHA)

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