Diyarbakır Provincial Mufti Burhan İşliyen, evaluated marriage programs that cause the public's reaction, said that the programs causing the corruption of the society's morality should not be watched.

Evaluating the harmful effects of the marriage programs broadcasted on some television channels, Diyarbakır Provincial Mufti Burhan İşliyen recommended 'family time' by stating that necessary precautions should be taken in order not to broadcast TV programs those negatively affecting people.

İşlenen stated that TV programs that do not overlap with the values ​​of society should not be watched and suggested to families to turn off the televisions for a while and make a 'family time” at this time to read the Qur'an and life of the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

Recalling that the Marriage Programs in Friday khutba came to the agenda by the Religious Affairs Presidency throughout Turkiye, İşliyen said that programs targeting at society's morality, manner and belief should not be watched.

"We are a society that watches TV too much and spend a lot of time on the internet. Because we are reading less and watching a lot, we have to be very selective about what to watch, listen and follow. First of all, developer of programs must make programs by taking into account the morality, belief, tradition, manner of the community.” said Mufti İşliyen.

"Sexuality, violence should not be preceded by films and serials"

İşliyen continued, "Marriage programs those bring sexuality into the forefront, films and series those foregrounding violence shouldn’t be produced. We have to make an effort in order not to watch such programs. Sometimes it is also done as community engineering. There are a lot of movies that have been on the subject of 'Sha’ban' for a while. There are a lot of people who use this name by a character that is more mocked and portrayed as 'idiot' in society. First of all, our people should not watch such programs. We hope that they will get out of the way when they are not being watched.”

Having said that everyone should fulfill their responsibilities on TV programs, İşliyen said they do not have the possibility to ban these programs by law.

İşliyen said, “We now live in such a world, called ‘Global world’. Even if you forbid everything, there still have the opportunity to reach even the 'most intimate' information with the help of a key pressed through the internet. Of course, public opinion should be directed towards the right and moral. We need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the programs on TV channels that are widely watched are immoral, wrong, and badly affecting people not to be published.”

“We need to make 'family time' in homes”

Recommending to the families, İşliyen said that there should be make ‘family time’ at home and continues, “Sometimes we do not like when our wife talking to us, we like she to sit quietly and watch marriage programs. We have to take responsibility, we have to get a little tired. We need to spend more time talking to each other. We have to read and discuss the surahs from the Qur'an in these family hours. We must read and think through Hadith. We must read history, life of sahabah, nice poems, and stories. We should play with our children that our children, our wife and we do not stay at the mercy of the internet and television.” (ILKHA)

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