Recent economic problems among the European Union members, the separation of Britain from the union, the demand for more investment by the USA to defend, bring different questions about the future of Europe.

The debate continues on the future of Europe following the departure of the UK from the European Union, the dominant power of Germany, the economic problems, the political stalemate in the occupied countries and finally the US President Donald Trump's EU and NATO outcomes.

When the European Union's brief history and reasons for its establishment are examined, a more sound assessment of the future of Europe will be made.

In the new world order formed after the First World War, the Ottomans had been completely erased from the politics of the world and replaced by dozens of statistically-shaped small colonies. Russia, another world giant, was demolished and replaced by the communist Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

The world was politically reshaping. While this new world order was being established, the founding forces needed a new state superstructure to manage the world bloodlessly among themselves, sharing the world. And they aimed to direct this order without war by means of supra-state institutions. These states were called the "League of Nations".

With the foundation of the League of Nations on January 10, 1920, the old world order came to an end, and a ground-structure began to emerge where large states would settle account and control small states. The center of this work would be Switzerland. And this structure would bring unity and peace to Europe after centuries!

When things went wrong and Hitler came to power, the political arena went bankrupt, the nations had to shut down the league, Europe again went back to bloody days, and there was a great devastation.

The Second World War was Europe-centered forced Europe and the rest of the world to postpone their dreams of restructuring. As a result of World War II, World War I caused two new co-ops to appear to world bosses. In addition, the Communist Mao revolution in China opened the way for China to take its place as a regional power in the world political scene.

The League of Nations went under a new structure under the name of the United Nations. This time, the new structuring to avoid being affected by possible battles has been US based rather than European.

The Second World War was very costly to Europe. Europe has lost its authority to the United States because of civil wars. The control of Eastern Europe was taken by the Communist USSR.

The end of civil wars in order for Europe to take place in the world political scene again, the demolished Europe had to be lifted economically again. Therefore, a new structuring, action was taken to establish a new union.

Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands launched the European Union's root foundations in 1950 by cooperating in the field of steel and coal to ensure economic and political co-operation. At that time, coal and steel were the two most important raw materials of the industry.

As the fields of economic cooperation expanded, the political unity expanded and the European Union gradually grew and expanded. In the early days, there were no big economic gaps between the current member countries and the new member countries. The collapse of the Berlin Wall was a new beginning for the European Union. The inclusion of the former Communist bloc countries within the EU has been regarded as the first step towards its own end.

A large migration from Eastern Europe to Western Europe, which has not been developed, has a high unemployment rate, has a low salary compared to the West, has started. The migration of about 10 million people from Eastern Europe in Western Europe, hoping to find a job, caused a serious social and economic crisis in Europe. This crisis led to the empowerment of racist / nationalist groups.

In the last period the British decided to leave the "Brexit" referendum and this was a big influence of the wave of immigration. The fact that millions of Eastern Europeans began to fill the towns of England formed a serious disturbance on the people of England (such as Indian and African descent). This disturbance formed the necessary ground for the British deep state to be quietly separated from Europe.

The accounts of the British government and ordinary people exactly are not the same. The people of England said unequivocally, "yes," as opposed to "the immigration from the East, and this immigration to the schools and the problems that they have caused in the hospitals and employment". But the account of the British state was more different and comprehensive. The fight between Europe and Britain was different. Immigration within the EU was not even on the agenda.

There were three great bosses in Europe. Germany, England and France; these three great powers lived among themselves a soft war or a cold war to shape and control the EU. A fight around a topic that was a key role in absoluteizing domination over the EU forced Britain to leave. As a result of this hidden internal controversy, Germany and France have been the biggest factor in the way for the UK to go to the road for the UK to leave that they insisted on the scope of the European Central Bank's dominance to cover the UK.

Britain is one of the largest centers of world finance. For the Catholics, the Vatican is considered to be equally important for finance in the City of London. For a better understanding of City, The Financial Services Authority (FSA), which manages and supervises the financial institutions in Britain, cannot be brought to court as an institution. It is exempt from trial.

Britain has experienced a serious political crisis with France and Germany when it refused to open up the European Union's control and control of this mechanism, which also controls world financial markets. Britain could treat it as a privilege in visa and similar matters and accept it or ignore it. But in a most basic case like finance, a second central bank in the EU is not a long-term issue to be considered and it has not ...

The Great Britain was not allowed to go further melt into the European Union, although the British seemed to be on the way to their former colonies and to resume their move with the United States. According to a report prepared by Stratfor, “The European Union has entered a crisis and this crisis continues intensively. As a result, the EU will continue to work in a restricted and fragmented area, even if the EU will not return to its union times. Germany will have great economic returns in 10 years. As a result Poland will emerge as a regional power.”

According to the report, Europe will not be able to solve its basic problems. The source of this problem is expressed in the application of the Free Trade Zone, which is applied in Europe, not in the Eurozone. Germany is at the center of EU export. Germany is doing more than 50 percent of its total exports.

It is noted that Germany, the world's fourth largest economy, is dominated by the welfare and competitive environment of the EU, the area where it operates. It is said that more than one danger is waiting for Germany in this scene. The first of these is expressed by the growing nationalism in European countries. With increasing nationalism, it is pointed out that countries may prefer to be more conservative and closed in the economy.

Recently, Sigmar Gabriel, leader of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD), the ruling party of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party of Prime Minister Angela Merkel in Germany, has found striking comments on the Der Spiegel magazine about the future of the European Union.

Gabriel voiced that the efforts of countries like France and Italy to reduce their fiscal deficits have brought Europe to political risks. Eventually the worst scenario came to agenda in Europe. For the first time, the idea of ​​throwing out some countries that no one has ever wanted to mention has begun to be discussed at the official level.

A small and deep euro area of ​​some countries was left out by France and Germany. Many countries, especially the UK, strongly opposed this idea. When Greece entered the crisis, the UK, which is not included in the euro and IMF area, were opposed to the rescue package.

In the near future, France and Germany are preparing to go to a shaky monetary policy. This shows how weak countries are affected by the political and economic decisions of the European Union.

In the statement made about the survey, it is reported that the euro crisis has seriously affected the heads of investors and that Italy is now the most likely country to leave the Eurozone in the year rather than Greece.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the far right-wing National Front in France, recently said, “The European Union (EU) has died but it does not know it yet. It has been a failure in all the branches. Economic growth is very slow. Socially unemployment and poverty are very high. The EU is helpless in security even cannot protects itself.”

Referring to the future of France's EU membership, Le Pen said: “We will want to restore our sovereignty on the issues of borders, money, economy and judiciary to the European Union. If EU say no to then I will tell the French that we have to get out of the EU.”

European union; A formation with practices in this sense, which can be managed to come together in the occupation, to organize the exploitation, but to fall on each other in sharing the loot.

In Europe, which has been built on selfishness, interest and racism, discussions are increasingly taking place, particularly in the last few months, when internal conflicts are rising, and there is a strong possibility that the EU will enter the process of disintegration in the future.

In Europe, where racism, foreign antagonism, Islamic hostility have been increased consciously and programmatically in recent years, all values ​​concerning human beings have been targeted from yesterday to today. Europe, which is opened to the world by humanist teachings, has caused blood and tears in every geographical region. They build their own welfare on the underground-superstition riches of blood and exploits they pour in the geographies they occupy. They have advanced in technology, in the industry, in science; they became a great economic power.

Since the people of the occupied, exploited lands are forced to struggle with hunger and poverty, neither scientific nor scholar developments are backward. Together with these, they are tearing each other on the ground prepared for the internal strife. They both say peace and gave weapons to keep the war going. They both watched their wars, and they sold their weapons.

In Europe, which exploits the world with an endless glimpse of endless competition, the stiff competition in recent times increases the preconception that the "decline" of the exploitation order can speed up the process of extinction. (Tayip Demir - ILKHA)

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