“The only demand of us and our nation is a whole new constitution”

HUDA PAR Chairman Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu met with the party members in Şırnak and found important points about the issues that appeared in the agenda.

Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, the Chairman of HUDA PAR, who came together with tradesmen of Şırnak yesterday, came together with his party members today. Yapıcıoğlu made important statements about the headlines of the day, took attention firstly with the problems and troubles experienced by the people of Şırnak.

Stating that they listened to the troubles of the people and that the problems were not remedied and that the victims continued, Yapıcıoğlu stated that his party would prepare a report on the existing problems and make all the efforts from their hands to solve the problems.

"Şırnak's wounds have not yet been bandaged"

Yapıcıoğlu stated that they saw to fulfill commitments haven’t been done that the government has given about Şırnak problem, "Our friends in Şırnak have reported to us on Şırnak. From our headquarters a few of our delegation were located in the reviews here. But after the demolition, during the curfew as General President I couldn’t come here. We knew problems of Şırnak. But today we came here, met with citizens one-to-one, and listened their problems. Şırnak’s wounds have not yet been bandaged. Almost half of houses in Şırnak are destroyed. There was a promise of the government that there of new buildings would be constructed for citizens whose house had been destroyed and would be delivered before the winter came. We saw in the place that this promise was not fulfilled, and we observed.”

Şırnak traders live in great trouble

Yapıcıoğlu continued to criticize the fact that no new houses were built for the victims, and that new destructions would be carried out.

"While new buildings has not been able to replace with the destroyed ones, a decision has been taken to destroy some of the houses in Gazipaşa Neighborhood, which seriously irritate the citizens. The greatest problem with the tradesmen we visited was that their trade is not as good as it was before because the people living on the ground were moved to the surrounding provinces and cities due to the collapse of more than half of the buildings. Also affecting trades in a negative way. Our aim to be here is to see how wounds have been bandaged, to identify deficiencies on-site, and made a report. We do this both to communicate this to the person in charge and to follow this work. We will do here whatever needs to be done for the public.”

“We think that saying yes in the referendum will be good for the country”

Speaking about the referendum on the constitutional amendment, Yapıcıoğlu continued,

"Nearly half of the citizens who will go to the polls on 16th of April will use the "no" vote, which is close to the "yes". There will be no serious difference between them if they come out of the polls. Our predictions are that yes will be more. If this is the case, there will be reaction for if you say yes or say no. We will use the direction of yes because we think that it would be good for the country to say yes in the referendum. After we stated that we will use our direction in the direction of yes, then those who are happy have given positive reactions but there are negative reactions. Those who gave negative reactions are wanting ‘no’ vote to be more and not wanting the change of constitutional amendment.”

 “The only demand of us and our nation is a whole new constitution”

Noting that the skeleton of the 1982 Constitution would still be standing despite the changes to be made, Yapıcıoğlu stated that the only claimant of HUDA PAR and people is a brand new constitution, stating:

“Currently, after the 1982 military coup that has been in force constitution is prepared on the junta's orders. 18 changes was made so far in the 1982 Constitution. 170 had the odd item. If yes come forward in this referendum, 21 laws will be repealed. But still the 1982 constitution, the spirit, the skeleton is standing. It and ours and nation's only demand is a completely new constitution. But in today's political cycles because it not possible to draw up a constitution could be agreed to by everyone, more changes are being made.”

“According to us, the authorities of the President about the judiciary are over”

Yapıcıoğlu, who is in the evaluations of the new arrangement to be offered to the people, said, “Well, is this constitutional amendment is perfect, is there no mistakes? Yes, there is. According to us, the President's authority on the judiciary is too much. But we can say that those who prepared it were reacting reactively to these constitutional amendments. Because before, the method of election of the high judicial organs including the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors was not something that the public knew very well. I can say that the regime had set up such a system that there was a system of caste. Changes the constitution were done in the referendum in 2010.”

“If we say yes, the 1982 Constitution will change a little bit, if not, the life of the 1982 Constitution will be extended a little longer”

Stating that the constitutional amendments to be made were insufficient, but that the 1982 Constitution changed due to change, Yapıcıoğlu said:

“The 1961 Constitution, the 1982 Constitution and even the 1924 Constitution constituted as military constitution. We say that it is time to constitute a civilian constitution. Many constitutions have been reactively prepared and legislated. We think that they will not be very long-lived and will need changes. In summary, there are pluses, there are deficiencies. We measured it, we found that its pluses are more than deficiencies. Now if we say yes, what will happen if yes win? The Constitution of 1982 will change a little more. What will happen if we say no? The life of the 1982 Constitution will be somewhat longer. In this sense we say that these changes are insufficient, but it must be done.”

"We do not look who is the one that has been persecuted"

Yapıcıoğlu emphasized that they did not find the controversies and conflicts that lived in the background of patriotism, nationalism and racism, “We are neither Kurdism nor Turkism! We are Muslims, we are human beings.”

“We haven’t decided our land that we were born. We are Kurdish but not defending Kurdism. We do not call racism or tribalism to express the injustice that people who have suffered from injustice, nor do we look at who is the one who has suffered the injustice, which ethnic identity. If a person has suffered injustice, we want to express the injustice that he has suffered from. We want to remove the injustice that he has been exposed. If we can, we will remove that injustice.”

“There is a Kurdish issue”

Yapıcıoğlu stated that the events that are happening in the region are the cause of great suffering and that everybody should see this and that he hopes that necessary lessons will be learned from it, "I am not so sure about the lessons learned from that so much calamity. I hope someone took lesson from the consequences of the injustice, from that much suffers, from destructions. Look PKK is a result, not a cause. There is a Kurdish issue and this issue is a 100-year issue. PKK's history were also not finding yet 40 years. Continues of injustice made PKK to born. If you see Kurdish issue consists only with PKK, if you only think of the weapon in the hands of the PKK, you will be wrong.”

“PKK's capital is their weapons”

Yapıcıoğlu stated that the violence used by PKK, is the only capital of the weapon in hand, and that this administration is not just a periodic tactic, Yapıcıoğlu said, "If someone’s capital is hammer, he sees every object as nail. PKK’s capital is their weapons. It is naive to expect from someone whose capital is weapon to give up their weapon and their violence. It is possible to do so with only one condition; if the political supporters withdraw their support, maybe that time they abandon this violence as a tactic. Otherwise they have adopted the violence, the use of gun as a strategy. It means that violence, they are not using just a tactic, and they think that violence works very well. Their mentality unfortunately is this.”

Yapıcıoğlu said, "After the elections on 7 June, the HDP President thanked deposit voters Kandil immediately adjusted them. They said that there is no vote of deposit, and all of them are ours. When they digged holes in Nur neighborhood in Cizre and set up barricades and fired our brothers there for 8-10 hours, the date was December 2014. That was about 6 months before the June elections, and it was the same thing. In the events of October 6-8, when the nation raises their votes to 13 percent from 6,5 percent because of the fact that there such incident shouldn’t happen again and that to give another chance for peace. They perceive this as support for their violence.”

“Your flag is the blessed and other's rags, this is impertinent”

Yapıcıoğlu also touched to the debate of MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli on the raise of Kurdistan flag at airport during the President of the Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani’s visit to Turkiye, said:

“What the prime minister said yesterday? ‘There is no millimeter difference between me and Bahçeli in the fight against terrorism. But it is a shame that Bahçeli really does and it is separatism for us.’ He says, ‘they are trying to show us as if we are against our Kurdish brothers.’ So what is your brotherhood measure? The Kurds who are in the borders of the Republic of Turkiye are your brother but others your enemies? If your limitations are the borders then the Turkmen on the other side of the border from where are becoming your brother? Is your flag blessed but others’ rags? This is impertinent. This is a great shame. He is aware that he also hurt Kurds in here that he says my brothers. If he is not aware then it is bigger thing. The whole world know that flag. What if you do not know? You do not say those to infidels. Then why do you say to your brother? You also feel proud with your ancestors. Ottoman Empire which you call as youe ancestor said Kurdistan for those lands. Seljuk said Kurdistan. It was also Kurdistan in the first years of the Republic. Those who went to parliament from here in 1920 were also went as Kurdistan deputies. Now saying Kurdistan means divisiveness? Get off!”

"Whoever is a believer is my brother"

“We know a single measure, our measure is Islam." Yapıcıoğlu continued to say: "The book of Allah has said that the believers are brothers. Whoever is a believer is a Kurd, a Turk, a German, a Russian, an English and an Arab. He is my brother is he is a prisoner, has sin or fault. Because Allah has made him a brother to me. Who am I that I will reject it? I know my own place. And I would recommend it to anyone, that everyone should know their own places.” (Fırat Arslan - ILKHA)

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