“The massacre in Idlib is due to disunity of Ummah”

Meeting with members of the press in Batman, HUDA PAR Provincial Chairman Davut Şahin stated that the massacre in Idlib was caused by the fact that the problems of the Islamic Ummah are not solving among themselves.

Şahin about the attack in Syria's Idlib, said that this is only one of the massacres of imperialists in the Islamic geography.

Şahin said, “There is a reality in Idlib where hundreds of people have lost their lives and hundreds of them are injured. This is a situation that breaks the hearts of all of us. Hama, Humus, and Aleppo in the past, and today the massacres in Idlib unfortunately show desperation of the Ummah. Reason is because the Ummah not solving their problems among themselves. We always said that: Let’s not involve imperial hands among us. Let’s solve our problems as Muslims. If we don’t do that then America, Europe, Russia and others will not want our good, we will continue to slaughter our brothers and sisters.”

Sahin emphasized that if the Islamic countries were united, the troubles would be solved to a great extent. Stated that the cities in the region were destroyed through the ditch and barricade politics and the common sense approach of the people prevented the great disaster. (M. Fatih Akgül - ILKHA)

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