American financial speculator George Soros who sponsored the ‘gezi event’ in Turkiye, push the boat out to cause conflict in Turkiye after the referendum outbreaks as ‘yes’.

American financial speculator George Soros is deeply occupied with to cause conflict in Turkiye after the "yes" decision breakouts in the Constitutional Amendments referendum held on April 16th.

Soros, the sponsor of the “gezi events” that took place in 2013, is recognized as the name behind many insurrection around the world.

Using the speeches of the "no" frontrunner who could not accept the result of the referendum, Soros push the boat out in order to bring up gezi-like events in Turkiye.

It was reported that Soros changes Open Society Institute, Human Rights Watch (HRW) to expand the small-scale protest after the referendum.

It is known that Soros, who has been in subsidized one billion dollars to HRW for 10 years, has accelerated its campaigns by asking this organization to publish anti-Turkiye publications.

HRW started a campaign as, “Finish the emergency state after the referendum, support equal rights and deny the death penalty.” tries to cause perception, ignoring the reasons for the extension of emergency state.

Emma Sinclair-Webb, Director of HRW in Turkiye, said that she does not recognize the referendum result in the article on the issue of counting unsealed ballot papers. (ILKHA)

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