AK Party District Chairman detains of corruption

In the corruption operation in Mardin's Derik district, 12 people were detained, including the former District Head of the AK Party and officers in various institutions. Operations are believed to be linked to the assassination of District Governor Safitürk.

Twelve people were taken into custody because of the corruption in the operation in Mardin's Derik district. Search of the house of Tahsin Erdaş, former governor chief clerk, who had important role in the murder of former governor Muhammed Fatih Safitürk, and detainees in different institutions brought to mind that the operation links with event of Safitürk.

According to the information, a simultaneous operations organized within the scope of an investigation carried out by the Derik Public Prosecutor's Office. Searches were made in many houses, including Tahsin Erdaş’s house, who was arrested on suspicion that he was involved in the murder of District Governor Muhammad Fatih Safitürk amongst the operation.

After the searches made in houses, AK Party former District Chairman A.O.T, former Special Administrative Director S.G, Derik Mehmet Ayaydın Primary School Principal M.I., İ.I. who is in charge of National Education Directorate, Accountant N.Ç, and workers who were in charge in Derik Tent city K.G., H.A., and M.S., totally 12 people were detained.

In the news published after the murder of former District Governor Muhammed Faith Safitürk by ILKHA, had brought allegations to agenda that Safitürk was targeted because of the work he carried out against corruptions. (M. Salih Keskin - ILKHA)

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