At the UNESCO meeting in Paris, the Zionist regime Israel was described as “invader power”.

The 201st General Assembly of the Executive Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization was convened in Paris. The zionist regime in the draft resolution after the meeting was described as “invader power”.

At a meeting of the “Occupied Palestinian” resolution prepared by Sudan, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt and Algeria, Jerusalem was expressed as a holy city for Muslims, Christians and Jews.

In the decision, it was requested that any measures taken by the “occupying power Israel” to change the structure of Jerusalem and its statute, the judicial or administrative practice, should be invalidated and canceled.

It is noted that the zionist regime is in violation of international law in top searches, tunnel digging, illegal settlements in Jerusalem, and these practices are against the UNESCO and UN resolutions.

In the decision, drew attention to the blockage on Gaza Strip, the request for the reopening of the representation in Gaza was made.

The draft was adopted by 22 countries, including Brazil, China, Russia and Sweden. 10 countries rejected the bill and voted against it. Among the rejecting countries were USA, Germany, England, Italy and Netherlands.

France, Japan, Spain and Argentina were among the 23 countries abstained. (ILKHA)

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