Mustafa Yetiş and Ahmet Kalan, who were punished in 2010 by the judge of FETO with plots in Adıyaman 'Vahdet-Der', were released after the Court of Cassation's decision that the sentences given are illegal.

Punishment Execution given by Malatya 3rd Heavy Penal Court on September 8, 2011 to Adiyaman Vahdet-Der members stooped by applying to Supreme Court 16th Criminal Division.

Mustafa Yetiş and Ahmet Kalan were released after the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals that the penalties were illegal. Yetiş and Kalan will be retried in a pending way.

Vahdet-Der files which has six defendants, 2 people were relased after completing their sentences in months. Two people in the file had to leave the country. Inside the victims, Mustafa Yetiş and Ahmet Kalan were released from this file after the Supreme Court decision.

After the release of Yetis and Kalan, their families and lovers welcomed them with joy at the door of the prison.

“There are Yusufs [prisoners] who are in jail for a quarter of a century which their shirts torn from the back”

Speaking to ILKHA Mustafa Yetiş, emphasized that the plot which was played on them has broken. Yetiş said, “As you know, we entered to the penitentiary with plots that was established seven years ago. We are praised by Allah and this plot is broken today. Our file has been corrupted by The Court of Cassation. We hope that this will result in acquittal. Although this is delayed, it shows that the late justice is not justice. At the same time, yes, maybe I am out, but there are Yusufs who are in jail for a quarter of a century and their shirts are torn from the back. Our joy will not be joy unless they get out.”

The trial attorney Abdulgani Orhan, who has been in the explanations for the releases, recalled that he appealed to the Supreme Court on the grounds of an extraordinary legal remedy.

Orhan said, “The prosecutor's office of the Court of Appeals found our application to be just and lawful. Found that the prejudgment was unlawful. The Vahdet-Der file went to the 16th Court of Cassation for examination, where the Supreme Court justified our objection and decided to file a retrial gave. Meanwhile, the release of those imprisoned, while those with a search warrant, it was decided the abolition of the search warrant.” (Ferit Gölgül, Aydın Evren, Omar Faruk Aydin - ILKHAN)

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