“No development in the region is independent of the zionist regime's evil plans”

In the agenda evaluation made by HUDA PAR, attention was paid to the increasing murders of the zionist occupiers, the abuse of the children which are the biggest victims of the war, and the Dürümlü Massacre, in which 16 people lost their lives.

HUDA PAR drew attention to the goals of the zionist occupiers in the sacred land, the chaos they developed in the geographical region of Islam and the increasing murders of them, invited all Muslims to postpone their disputes between them and raise their voices and struggles around Masjid Al-Aqsa and Al-Quds.

“The protection of occupation regime by the five permanent members of the UNSC should tell a lot the leaders of Islamic countries”

Saying that zionism does not recognize any moral-human values ​​and is the greatest obstacle in front of world peace in the evaluation, “The Zionist occupation, which regards national and religious interests as ‘absolute right’ for itself, continues to violate all kinds of human-religious-legal rights blatantly and arrogantly, continues its persecution on Palestinians. Zionism, which does not recognize human values ​​at all, is the greatest obstacle to humanitarian values ​​and the world's peace. Every day, systematically persecution and massacres are carried out by the occupation regime, which must be assessed in the context of crimes against humanity, the protection and care of the five permanent members of the Security Council of UN must tell a lot about the rulers of Islamic countries in particular.”

“The direst mistake of Islamic countries is that they do not pay much attention to the plans of the zionist regime”

The following expressions were included in assessing that one of the direst mistakes in terms of the Islamic countries that are the prisoners of their own internal disputes despite they should pay much attention to the Zionists' goals:

“The Zionist regime brought the Masjid al-Aqsa to the brink of destruction on the pretext of making ‘Archaeological Excavation’ for years, and the 'Suleiman Temple' which they had dreamed for three thousand years and focused on Jerusalem and the entire Palestine the made a part of their the promised land. One of the direst mistakes in terms of the Islamic countries that have been prisoners and helpless in their own internal disputes, especially in the Syrian issue, that they don’t take this priority issue [Al-Aksa] take into account and not taken into consideration.”

“We once again remind that no development in our territory is independent of the evil plans of the Zionist regime”

Considering that the persecutions in the dungeons of the occupation regime and the inhumanity of these inhabitants are not as high as in the Islamic world, the following statements were used, stating that no living development in the region was independent of the diabolical plans of the zionist regime:

“The hunger strike launched by the nearly 2,000 Palestinians in the occupation dungeons on April 17, against arbitrary practices and violations of the zionist tolerance, has not been as much of an agenda in the Islamic world. With the courage and arrogance of this silence and helplessness, the zionist regime every day add another massacre, murder innocent people who responds to the illegal settlement and demonstrate for the hunger strike. As HUDA PAR, once again we reminds that no development in our region is independent of these diabolical schemes of the zionist regime and we invite all Muslims to postpone their disputes and to raise their voices and struggles around the Masjid al-Aqsa and the al-Quds.

“Number of refugee children those who are caught in the network of prostitution, drugs and organ mafia is expressed in hundreds of thousands”

Underlining that there is no period in history that children are being slaughtered, exploited that much, caught by the prostitution, drugs and organ mafia, “The understanding of the modern world that takes interest above of everything is the main source of wars, injustices and cruelties. The greatest victims of this inhumane understanding of compassionless are unfortunately vulnerable people and especially are children. The number of children who are killed by war and suffered from hunger and epidemic deaths, as well as children who are lowered to refugee status, caught by the network of prostitution, drugs and organ mafia are expressed in hundreds of thousands. In civil war of Syria that children lowered to refugee status and in civil war of Yemen that children die of starving, reveals clearly the picture related to the children.”

“We are inviting everybody to put out the fire that is burning in our lands”

“It is an embarrassment for some Islamic countries that Syrian refugee children who take refuge in force to work under severe conditions and with very low wages,” said in the evaluation following information was given:

“Graver picture than this is experiencing in the West. The German Federal Security Service has announced the number of children entering the country without an adult since the Syrian civil war, about 9,000, while the European Police Association EUROPOL reported that more than 10 thousand who migrated to Europe are lost in the past two years. This loss, which will be used for prostitution and organ mafia and the political interests of these states, is the sin of these countries consent to the war and not showing any struggle to stop this war, which these Islamic lands had to be lands of peace and welfare. As HUDA PAR, we once again ask that the arms should not be used for the solution of any internal conflicts between the Islamic countries and should not be left to the initiative of the imperialist countries. We invite all of them to extinguish the fire that is burning in our land.”

“Kurdish people want their problems to be solved by political means"

On the occasion of the annual anniversary of the Dürümlü Massacre, following statement were made: “16 people lost their lives and 23 people injured in the blast that PKK detonated a bomb-laden truck in Diyarbakır’s Dürümlü, last year on May 12, 2016. PKK, since from the day it emerged, gave nothing to Kurdish people but blood and tears and has become one of the biggest obstacles to the settlement of the problems through political means and the meeting of the legitimate demands of the Kurdish people.”

“The greatest respect for the memory of the innocent people who have lost their lives is to solve this issue as soon as possible in the political arena”

HUDA PAR, who wishes patience to the families who lost their lives in Dürümlü, finally gave the following message:

“The greatest respect for the memory of the innocent people who have lost their lives in dozens of massacres, especially in Dürümlü, is to rescue this issue from the exploitation of internal and external focal points by resolving the political field as soon as possible. We once again wish mercy from Allah for our citizens who have lost their lives in this massacre, condolences to families and patience.” (Hamza Adiyaman, Fırat Arslan - ILKHA)

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