Mehmet Görmez, speaking at the “Foreign Religious Services” conference organized by the Presidency of Religious Affairs, said “It is worrying that the hate crimes of Islamophobic have been reduced down to primary schools”

The “Foreign Religious Services Conference” organized by the Presidency of Religious Affairs this year started in Sapanca city of Sakarya. The 4-day conference, organized by the General Directorate of External Relations, was convened under the heading “Common Strategies Against Islamophobia: In the Axis of Knowledge and Wisdom.”

President of Diyanet Mehmet Görmez made the opening speech of the “Foreign Religious Services” conference. Dr. Mehmet Görmez noted that the Presidency of Religious Affairs is in the service of humanity in Turkiye and in seven continental regions and it is extremely important for humanity.

Görmez said that the purpose of the meeting is not to discuss the reasons of Islamophobia but to make knowledge, wisdom and action plan against Islamophobia and to determine a roadmap. “Our title in the 'Common Strategies against Islamophobia, in the axis of Knowledge and Wisdom' is a very important issue. Today we will not discuss the causes of Islamophobia as we have always done in this meeting, we will not discuss how Islamophobia has transformed itself into an enemy. In order to make a road map, we must all think together on this road map here together with our counselors. In fact this concept was first expressed by a French philosopher at the beginning of this century. However, we are not confronted with this concept in any literature until 1997. As you know, in 1997 a London think tank named Runnymede Trust published a report on Islamophobia for the first time and put it on the agenda of the world. Then, for the first time in 2004, Islamophobia was mentioned in a document issued by the Count of Kofi Annan to the documents of the United Nations. Likewise, it was began to be seen in some of the texts of the European Union in 2007. There was a huge literature. Especially after the events of September 11, there was a huge literature on Islamophobia formed all over the world. This literature did not teach us how to treat the disease, it told us the disease. However, this literature is only enough to diagnose the disease. This literature does not teach us how to treat this disease. The reason for this meeting is not to redetect the disease, but how can we treat the disease, how can we remove this hostility from the earth? If there is an organization in the world that can lead to this, it is the Presidency of Religious Affairs.”

“It is worrisome that hate crimes of Islamophobic have been downed to primary schools”

“Freedom of belief and worship has been transformed into restrictions by pretext for Islamophobia. Where the freedom of belief and worship has begun to be restricted everywhere. The structures under the name of security show the extent to which Islamophobic hatred has existed. Muslims and Islam in many countries, in many cities, it started to be perceived as a threat, especially when it comes to finding jobs, renting houses, using educational institutions of children. That it is the biggest reason why the Muslims are not hired. When they gave their children education they started discrimination in the same way. It is worrisome that crimes of hatred and discrimination have come down to elementary schools. All the world, all mankind, all thinkers must sit down and think about it.”

Reaction to the claim that links Diyanet to FETO

Stressing that Turkiye's religious stability, religious integrity and religious security are guarantees, Görmez also explained the debate over the Religious Affairs.

Görmez said, “How the parallel state in this country, parallel state thought, damaged to this nation, this country also parallel diyanets damage this country. Those parallel diyanets that have used the cleanest, innocent concepts of Islam for many years for commercial purposes can give nothing this establishment to the Organization of Religious Affairs, this assembly, and Muslims.”

“In these difficult times we have been through recently, linking the Organization of the Religious Affairs with FETO which is the unrest of the century, will harm the nationality at least like July 15. I invite everybody to stay away from this unrest.” (ILKHA)

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