Prime Ministry Coordination center issued an statement about the ongoing raids conducted in 16 cities simultaneously and airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

An announcement was released after the meeting held at Cankaya Palace at 02.20.

It is reported that simultaneously operations conducted against ISIS targets in Syria and PKK targets in North Iraq.

Security Meeting held after midnight at Cankaya

The meeting held in the leadership of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu at 02.20. A written statement released after the meeting; additional measures were discussed and determined and necessary commands were forwarded to the relevant state institutions.

The operations continue in homeland and in cross-border areas

Emphasizing the operations conducted against terrorist groups of ISIS, PKK and DHKP C, in the statement it is underlined that,” To maintain Safety and peace in the country, the operations are going to be continued both in homeland and in some cross-border areas.”

PKK targets hit

The Prime Ministry statement said the operation targeted PKK camps, Zap, Metina, Gara, Avasin- Basyan, Sinath, Haftanin, Haakurk, and Qandil shelters, caves and logistics points located in the mountainous northern Iraq region and some ISIS targets also hit in Syria.

Simultaneously operations conducted in 22 cities

After a new wave of operations conducted at dawn in Istanbul Saturday morning, Turkish security forces have also now carried out raids simultaneously in 22 provinces on Friday and early Saturday, 320 people are thought to be linked to various illegal organizations were detained in these raids. (ILKHA)

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