Speaking in fast-breaking program HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Mehmet Yavuz, “We have a kind of problems that cannot be solved inside and outside. The reason of all anguish we live today is because we do not have any regularity.”

HUDA PAR Siverek District Presidency organized an iftar program in a wedding hall located in the district of Esmerçayır. HUDA PAR Vice President Mehmet Yavuz, HUDA PAR Şanlıurfa Provincial Chairman Lokman Yalçın, representatives of NGOs and many guests attended to the iftar program.

Yavuz said that the events that took place in the Islamic geography stem from the lack of order, “We suffer in and out, and we have troubles that cannot be solved. The reason we all suffer today is that we do not have an order, that we do not have a regulation. Even it is vile, disbelief, zionism, imperialism, have a regulation.”

“Qatar had to deal with the US again”

Yavuz expressed that, “Qatar, opposed to the oppression imposed on it, challenged. The great evil of the world has invited him to its house. He was going to load up some conditions for it. We left Qatar at the mercy of the US because we lacked a system to solve our own problems internationally, because we were lacking a regulation to own Qatar. Qatar had to deal with the US again.”

“Even if against ourselves, we want justice”

Responding to the questions of journalists at the end of the program, Yavuz replied to the question about the march of CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu by a journalist: “Of course, it is generally a good thing that Kılıçdaroğlu is in search of justice. It is certainly a good thing to look for justice and to find justice, but we see that the search for justice for one person is not taken into account much in public. Before, there were oppressed people trying to announce their voices in order to establish justice in this country. There were people who had been persecuted. The fact that Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is not got on roads for this oppression in these processes makes the movement of the people question by now. Establishment of justice should not be for one person, not only for a party, a group, a faction, but for all. Especially when the CHP has not confronted with some of the practices that persecuted this country during the periods when it was a state in the direction of the decisions it has taken in the past and because they are afraid that it will happen against it at this point. As HUDA PAR, we want justice even if it is against us.” (Abdurahman Ugurlu – ILKHA)

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