The children who participated in summer Qur'an courses in Mardin's Midyat district said that the Qur’an guides their and protects them from evil.

After school on holiday in Mardin's Midyat province, about 180 mosques and summer Qur'an courses started.

Students enrolled in the courses are trying to learn the Islamic sciences, turned holiday into opportunity and running to the mosques.

Mehmet Şafi Bilik, the District Mufti who was in the statements about the subject, stated that the summer Qur'an courses will continue until August 18th, and they definitely recommended families to send their children to the mosque.

“We meet all our children in the nearest mosque and the Qur'an course, whether they are girls or boys. Our tutors will give all kind of support. Qur’an, religious knowledge, life of Prophet Muhammad, and his moral will be taught. Our girls and boys will be able to take these lessons in the mosques where they can easily reach it.”

“Our children have rights over their parents”

Bilik said that the best capital and heritage that a father can give to his child is that to raise the child with a good morals and said that teaches Quran is a right that children have on their parents.

Bilik said: “One of the rights of all the children on their parents is that their parents should teach them Qur'an. One of the best ways to learn the Qur'an is the summer Qur'an courses. It is a great opportunity, and we are reminded of our culture and our lost memories of mosques, communication about the mosque, breathing air on the mosque and other lessons together.”

“The Qur'an gives direction to our life and protects us from evil”

Umut Alpar, who said that he came to the Qur'an course to memorize the Qur'an, said, 1The Qur'an directs our life, takes us from the bad roads and puts in the right way. Allah sent the Qur'an for us to get best manner, and sent the Quran in Arabic for us to understand. So I came to the Qur'an course this summer to finish the Qur'an.”

“We learn the blessings which Allah has given us”

Yusuf Avcı, who stated that they can learn Islamic sciences on the occasion of the course, said, “It is very good to read the Qur'an, our teacher teaches us. We learn the blessings that Allah has given us. We practice the words of our Prophet Muhammad more here. We learn what to do and good behaviors. The Qur'an teaches us how to distinguish goodness and evil and religious knowledge.” (Süleyman Tunç - ILKHA)

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