of Foreign Affairs condemns attacks in Venezuela

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the attacks on the Constitutional Court and the attack on the Interior, Justice and Peace Ministry buildings in Venezuela.

“We strongly condemn the attack on the buildings of the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Interior, Justice and Peace that took place in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. We are relieved that no casualties have been reported in the said attack that targeted important institutions of the country. We hope that the political tension in Venezuela will be resolved as soon as possible,” said in the statement.

In the Venezuelan capital Caracas, there were no dead or injured in the helicopter attacked on the buildings of the Supreme Court and Interior Ministry buildings.

Speaking about the attack, President Nicolas Maduro described the incident as a “terrorist attack”, while the government said the attack was part of a “coup plot against US-backed right-wing opponents.”

A 15-year-old police officer at the “Special Action Brigade” Oscar Perez bombed the buildings of the Supreme Court and the Interior Ministry buildings, which began touring the capital with a police helicopter that he had seized at 6 pm local time.

In Venezuela, violence began in April, killing 76 people and injuring a thousand people. (ILKHA)

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