invaders cut water of Palestinians

The occupation zionist regime cut the water western Jerusalem caused Palestinian people experiencing a long-running water problem.

The terrorist regime that cuts off the waters of Palestinians living in the west of Jerusalem gives Israeli drinking water to Jewish settlements from the Jordan River.

The occupation regime, which cuts off drinking water for the Jews to not have water problem, added a new one to the persecutions on Palestinian territory.

Ramallah representative of El Alem channel, Semah al Kehle, said that the people of the region had suffered from long-suffering water problems, saying that “water had given to the people in Ramallah only once or twice a month”.

Recognizing that the people of the region could not afford to meet their daily water needs, Semah el Kehle said that thousands of Palestinians who were struggling with the lack of water had to buy water for a very expensive fee to meet their water needs, but still could not afford to meet their daily water needs.

Recalling that the water crisis that first emerged in the region was based on the occupation of Jerusalem by the zionist regime in 1967, Semah el Kehle stated that the water problem of today is because of the decision of the zionists to cut water on Ramallah and al Bire cities.

“The water issue is one of the most important problems experienced by the occupation zionist regime and the Palestinian people,” said Besam Sevalhe, director of the Water Affairs Department of Ramallah, in a statement made on the decision of zionist regime to cut water. “The occupation regime is not just fighting with the Palestinian people with weapons and bombs. They trying to pressure on Palestinian people by cutting their water which is a humanity right to have water.” (Hamza Adiyaman - ILKHA)

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