number of dead in protests in Venezuela has risen to 93

The protests in Venezuela, organized in parallel by the opposition and the pro-government, continue on the 100th day. So far 93 people have died in the protest.

In Venezuela, 93 protesters have been killed so far, in protests between pro-government and the opposition. In 2014, following opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez's sentence for house arrest, the opposition continued protesting against the ruler.

Thousands of pro-opposition protesters continued in Caracas, capital city, on the 100th day. Parallel to the demonstrations, thousands of pro-government people marched. 93 people have been killed so far in the protests started following the killing of a 16-year-old young.

On the other hand, the government has launched an election campaign for the election of the legislature, which is supposed to constitute a new constitution. The election date is July 30th. But the opposition opposes these elections, saying they will not put up candidate.

President Nicolás Maduro has been managing the country under special decree and emergency state for years without submitting it to the Parliament. Local and regional elections have not been held since 2015 in the country. (ILKHA)

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