Journalist-author Yakup Köse said that justice must be established by drawing attention to the fact that the victims of the February 28th and FETO judgment are still in prison.

Journalist-author Yakup Köse, who participated as a speaker at the program organized by Kahta Provincial Governor's Office and District National Education Directorate, explained the atrocity of FETO and February 28 period while he was in prison.

Yakup Köse stated that he was taken into custody when he was 14-years-old in the February 28 period, said, “I was detained on charges of participating in the rally for Chechen mujahideen. I was arrested after the custody process. I was given an indictment here. ‘This indictment is yours,’ they said to me. When I read the indictment, the contents of the accusations against me were as follows: to be judged on execution because trying to change the Constitutional order by guns. Be sure that I wasn’t even able to explain what Constitution is at that time.”

“July 15 was not a coup attempt, it was an invasion attempt”

Regarding the fact that he distinguishes July 15 and the other military coups, Köse said, “July 15 was not a coup. July 15 was an invasion attempt. Look, the writers of FETO and the sold-to-the-west staff began to fuss about the need that NATO to intervene Turkiye, about a year ago. This fuss is still going on. And then an invasion initiative is beginning.”

“There are still victims of February 28 in prisons”

Köse continues to speak, “The judge who sentenced me appeared on NTV after many years. The presenter asks ‘what is the most interesting event in your life?’ The judge says: ‘A young child came to me. I still cannot forget the punishment I gave him.’ And he goes on to say: ‘We did not judge those files. Decisions were made by the soldiers, and we were just willing to read them in their face.’ So that's how it turned out that we were punished. Despite all these confessions, it is obvious that they are still hurting me because they are still in prison on February 28 when everything is clear.”

"We need to be fair"

Köse at the end of his speech, referring to the victims of February 28, Şehmus Alpsoy's handcuffed photograph taken while taking to surgery, “Two images leaked to the media. A Muslim prisoner has been handcuffed and taken to the operating room despite having cancer who is in a prison for 20 years. The other is not much, but a bastard who was going to kill the president a year ago goes to court with a t-shirt that says ‘Hero’. We need to be careful. We need to be fair.” (Aydın Evren - ILKHA)

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