prisoner patient was sent to the prison without being seen by his family

A prisoner who had been detained for 17 years because of his Islamic identity was sent to prison without being seen by his family despite the official applications of his relatives after the operation he had undergone.

Mehmet Emin Alpsoy, who had been in custody for 17 years and who had been on the agenda of the public with his illness and advanced age, was brought from Sincan Closed Prison where he was detained on Tuesday and operated in Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital due to his inguina hernia disease.

Alpsoy, who had a successful operation, was taken to prison without being seen by his family. The fact that Alpsoy had not been contacted with his family despite official applications and that no information had been given about his situation added a new one to the victims.

Alpsoy's wife, Rabia Alpsoy, reacted to the decision that her husband is unable to meet his needs due to various illnesses.

Rabia Alpsoy said that they made official application 3 times to meet with her husband, but she did not see her husband despite the fact that they have taken permission.

Expressing his concern about her husband’s health, Alpsoy expressed it is unacceptable that the right and the law could not be as children's playgrounds.

Alpsoy said they didn’t let her to meet with her husband intentionally, said, “My husband’s sister who is 73 years old and came from Mardin and I were trying to get permission from the prosecutor's office since the first day which 30 km far. Although we got permission from the prosecutor’s office, they didn’t let us to meet him saying ‘his health condition is not appropriate’ so we were sent back. We went to the prosecutor's office again after being told that we would meet on the second day, and the prosecutor's office made a call to Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital where my husband was treated and we returned with the answer that his health was not suitable for the interview. However, we were disappointed when we went to the Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital that my husband was discharged the day before and was sent to the prison. We do not understand that if my husband cannot stay on his feet or sit and that’s what their excuse then how is such a sick patient being sent back to prison? If his condition was good enough to be sent to prison, why did they hid from us for 3 days and didn’t let us to see him?”

Alpsoy, who called the authorities to investigate the victimization they had experienced, said: “This bureaucratic injustice and persecution are the three or four officers who see themselves as ‘more royal than the king’. it is unacceptable that the right and the law could not be as children's play. We have no political man who will search for our righteousness, we only have our Lord.”

Mehmet Emin Alpsoy's son Şeyhmus Alpsoy has undergone colon cancer surgery in the same hospital in the past month. The reflection of the images of the cancer patient Alpsoy, who was taken to the operation room with the handcuffs, was took reaction of the public. (M. Hüseyin Temel - ILKHA)

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