In Şanlıurfa, the artisans of the industry say that they have become unable to do business because of frequent electricity interruptions.

In Şanlıurfa, industrial tradesmen expressed their complaints due to frequent electricity shortages.

Indicating that almost all of the work was done by electricity, the industrial trader said that because of the frequent interruptions they experience, they often failed to respond to the needs of their promised customers in a timely manner, which also victimizes them.

Industrial tradesmen who stated that electricity interruptions cause the burning of the machines, also stated that they could not find a respondent for the elimination of the grievances and emphasized that the authorities must find a solution to the electricity problem.

Halis Şahap, who is claimed that his 1,500 Turkish Liras cost machine has broken due to electricity interruptions, said: “We are victim tradesmen, we had victims before, and after privatization of Electricity Company, our victimization has doubled. The electricity is cut off so often. We start to work then all of a sudden the electricity interrupts. Just yesterday, one of my machine worth 1,500 liras has broken. We cannot find anybody to talk, and no one answers to our calls. Since DEDAŞ [Electricity Company] has been specialized, we are in trouble as tradesmen. The MPs we voted for, should be particularly sensitive to this. Look, today is working day, there is no sound in the industry. The reason why there is no sound in the industry is the absence of electricity. At this hour, at 11:00 am, will the power be disconnected?”

Şahap added that 90 percent of his work is connected to electricity, and if a solution to the electrical problem not going to be found, then companies in this industry area will be closed. (Osman Gülebak, Hüseyin Sayhan - ILKHA)

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