and NGOs condemned massacres against Arakanese Muslims

NGOs and political party representatives operating in Turkiye’s Bingöl condemned the attacks and massacres of Buddhist gangs against Arakanese Muslims.

NGOs and political party representatives operating in Bingöl have condemned the attacks and massacres of Buddhist gangs against Arakanese Muslims, and stated that the crimes were done are crimes against humanity.

The representatives of NGO and Political Party in Bingöl, condemning the attacks, massacres, and brutality of Buddhist gangs against Muslims in Myanmar's Arakan state, expressed that the UN and all international institutions and organizations, especially Islamic countries, should act.

HUDA PAR Bingol Provincial Chairman Hamdullah Tasalı reminded that close to 3 thousand Muslims were killed by Buddhist gangs in Myanmar within 3 days. He said that they feel ashamed because they could not do anything as Muslims.

Tasalı said, “Our heart is bleeding. We are angry at ourselves because we cannot do anything to these oppressed Muslims. As Muslims, we have to admit that we feel ashamed. An oppressed nation is being massacred in front of our eyes. Hundreds of women, children, young, elderly people are tortured every day. The survivors are trying to find a way to save their lives by crossing rivers.”

“The heads of the Islamic countries are playing three monkeys in a great silence”

"The rulers of the Islamic countries are playing three monkeys in a great silence," says Tasalı, and continued as follows:

“Islamic countries, unfortunately, do not make any attempt on this subject. Islamic countries belonging to the United Nations do not carry this issue on the international platform. We have a structure called the Islamic Cooperation Organization. There is an Arab League organization. In the past years, they have established 30 thousand so-called Islamic armies. What do all these formations and structures do? The President of the Islamic Cooperation Organization, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is in charge. In this context, it takes great responsibility for himself. In his leadership or initiative, a meeting can be held where Islamic member countries are brought together. At this meeting, a number of decisions can be taken and they can bring it to the United Nations with strong support. They have to do it. Because if they do not do it, they will cause a really great prisoner in conscience. We expect such a political initiative from them.”

“Unfortunately, there is no sound from the leader of Muslims”

“Muslim rulers should not be silent in the face of massacres,” said HUDA PAR Bingöl Provincial President Tasalı and added, “Muslim peoples try to raise their sound on social media and with the written and visual media to announce this persecution, but unfortunately there is no sound from the leader of Muslims. Muslim countries are busy establishing intrigues, tricks, and traps against each other. They are fighting over artificial borders that were created by imperialists. However, a Muslim nation is suffering a genocide in front of their eyes, and no Muslim leader moves even a muscle on this subject. This is a great sin. If they remain silent, they will not be forgiven by the Muslim peoples in history, together with those great sins.”

“They are being persecuted because they are Muslims”

Confederation of Officials Union (MEMUR-SEN) Bingol Provincial Chairman Mücahit Çelik stated that they have witnessed the sad facts in recent days, saying: “At the beginning of these, there are persecution, torture, and genocide against Arakanese Muslims. Our Arakan brothers are persecuted by the Buddhist gangs there, just because they are Muslims, and unfortunately, the world remains silent. This is also a sad situation. The silence of the Muslims, however, makes us sadder. We hope that this torture, persecution, genocide is over. Muslims need to become more sensitive to the persecution they witness. Where there is a Muslim, they must show reaction and sensitivity to the persecution.”

“The situation of Muslims is very grave”

IHH Bingol Association President Muhittin Gilli emphasized that the attitude taken by Muslims in the face of the violence in Arakan is grave, and he also paid attention to the massacres in the Muslim region.

“The world system is a stinking system. It is like a patched bundle, it does not control the world. This system is unfair, after all, it is zionist system. They feed on Muslim blood, unfortunately. There are massacres in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and all other Muslim countries. One of these geographies in Arakan. A new massacre has begun. This massacre must be stopped as soon as possible. Our call both to Turkiye and to other Islamic countries, especially the Islamic Cooperation Organization, should act immediately and stop this massacre right away. If something is falling on us as NGOs, we will always strive to be with those people. Otherwise, we will not be able to account to Allah tomorrow. I hope the Allah helps them. We strongly condemn those who persecute, massacres.”

“The oppressors encourage the weapons that Muslims have directed towards each other through sectarian and conflicts of interest”

Cihannüma Bingöl Provincial Representative Orhan Buğrahan stated that Muslims should announce their voice to the world and said:

“Arakanese Muslims in the Myanmar region first met with Islam during the time of the Prophet of Allah. Then, with the expeditions of the Islamic states, the region completely became Muslim. Buddhists who are disturbed by this situation and dominating the region are systematically increasing their persecution with the psychological support they receive from friends in Europe and Zionists since 2012. In fact, the oppressors encourage the weapons most Muslims have confronted with sectarian and conflictual interests. Communist junta Burma implements genocide. Women are raped, bodies of children wash up on shores. Europe, the UN is blind and deaf. Muslims are irrelevant do not even know where the persecution is.”

“The world is silent”

Bingöl Imam-Hatip Graduate Association President Sadullah Arpa pointed out the silence of the whole world against the massacres. “These atrocities in Arakan reminded us a few more things. The world is quiet. As the persecution in other Islamic geographies, the world has remained silent. We are faced with a very painful picture. United Nations, which was established in 1945 especially to establish peace and security in the world, unfortunately, says ‘I do not care’ when it comes to the security of Muslims. We understand this from the time we live. We are witnessing again that these formations have established such a system for their own security that they are built to protect their own forces, imperialism, and the West.” (Nihat Kanat – ILKHA)

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