International Help Organization Pro Orphans which carried out its sacrifice program in Turkiye’s Batman, distributed the meat of sacrificed animals to 10,000 families in Turkiye those sacrifices donated by European philanthropists.

International Help Organization Pro Orphans carrying out their help to thousands of orphans, needy and poor families, began to distribute sacrifice meat throughout Turkiye to reach 10 thousand families.

The German-based International Help Organization Pro Orphans continued to sacrifice during the Eid al-Adha and delivered meats in Turkiye, Africa, Balkans, Arakan, and Palestine, continued to distribute meat to needy people until the fourth day of the Eid on the basis of the 2017 sacrifice program.

Hüseyin Ateş, Deputy Chairman of International Help Organization Pro Orphans gave information about the studies and said, “We are in Batman as International Help Organization Pro Orphans in the frame of the 2017 Turkiye sacrifice program.  We thank our philanthropists in Europe. Allah be pleased with them. Our aim in Batman and Turkiye is to deliver sacrificial meat to 10 thousand orphans and needy families. This is not limited to 10 thousand families. The more we travel, the more we see the needy people. As the International Help Organization Pro Orphans, our further work will continue.”

“We have emergency relief distributions in Arakan”

Ateş stated that there is no only Turkiye in their 2017 sacrifice program, said, “We sacrifice animals especially in Africa, Asia, Balkan countries, and in Palestine and delivering the meat to needy families. We also have sacrifice work for the Arakan. A few days ago we had emergency relief aid in Arakan. Our emergency aid project for the Arakan continues. We thank all of our philanthropists here. My Lord be pleased with them. We also congratulate the Feast of the Sacrifice of the entire Islamic community as the International Help Organization Pro Orphans. We wish unity and wahdat of the Islamic ummah from Allah.”

IHO-EBRAR sacrificed hundreds of animals in Batman

Referring to the work of the Netherland-based International Aid Organizations IHO-EBRAR, Ateş said, “As International Help Organization Pro Orphans, we work in Batman with the International Aid Foundation IHO-EBRAR. As IHO-EBRAR, sacrificed meat which donated from the Netherlands, Belgium and England will be delivered to hundreds of families across Turkiye. Hundreds of families are insufficient. We expect even more help from our philanthropists in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK. These organizations continue to work 365 days a year. As IHO-EBRAR, we are continuing our 2017 program in Palestine, Asia, Africa and Balkan countries.” (M. Sait Çelik - ILKHA)

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