ğan to the US: You might be a great nation but to be a fair nation is something else

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan responded to journalists' questions at a press conference held at Atatürk Airport prior to his move to Kazakhstan.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has made important statements about the controversy over the allegation that the case against the Turkish guards in the US, help Arakanese Muslims.

“The step taken against former Economy Minister Çağlayan as a step taken against the state of the Republic of Turkiye. Very bad smells are emanating from behind these steps,” said Erdoğan before going to Kazakhstan at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.

Stressing no allegation could be made against former Minister Çağlayan, President Erdoğan continued: “They say that he has violated U.S. sanctions against Iran. As Turkiye, we haven’t taken any decisions to implement sanctions against Iran. We have relations with Iran; we have delicate relations. We purchase some of our natural gas and petrol from Iran. We have told them that before. I have told Mr. Obama and their relevant officials, their foreign minister, that we will not implement such sanctions. He was our Economy Minister, and stemming from his position he was entitled to implement government regulations. For that reason, these steps are totally political.” Expressing his hope to get a chance to discuss this issue during his upcoming visit to the U.S., President Erdoğan said: “Very bad smells are emanating from behind these steps. The case about Reza Zarrab is like that, the issue about the Deputy General of our Halkbank, Mr. Hakan is like that.”

Investigation into bodyguards in the US

Recalling U.S. security personnel’s failure to take the necessary measures against the attacks of the members of the PKK terrorist organization in front of the Turkish embassy during his last visit to the U.S., President Erdoğan said: “You know, they opened an investigation into my bodyguards. They did the same thing about even my bodyguards, my wife’s two female bodyguards, who were not present there on the day of these incidents. What does this mean? This demonstrates the weakness the U.S. administration has fallen into. They have been informed about all this. You might be a great state but to be a fair nation is something else.”

Help Arakanese Muslims

President Erdoğan pointed to Turkiye’s multilateral diplomatic efforts to put an end to the ongoing humanitarian tragedy in Rakhine state and recalled that he had held telephone conversations with over 20 leaders on the issue during Eid al-Adha.

Turkiye’s efforts started, even if slowly, to bear fruit, President Erdoğan highlighted, noting that the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) had already distributed 1,000 tons of relief materials to the Rohingya in the first phase with 10,000 tons of further humanitarian aid planned to be delivered in the second phase.

“Our NGOs, as well, are mobilizing all their means and resources to provide relief. I hope that this summit will offer an opportunity for the OIC to speak louder against the ongoing persecution,” the President said. (ILKHA)

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