USA’s missionaries have clamped the Syrian families in Adana, promising young Muslims support but instead making them convert to Christianity.

USA’s missionaries are known with coming up with new ways to convert young Muslims into Christianity. Their new targets are the Syrian families in Adana. Over the recent years, missionaries were known to have been distributing Bibles with cash inside and now they have targeted the Syrian families living in the slums of Adana.

They approach with the excuse of help

The missionaries approach the Muslim families that have migrated from Syria with the excuse to help. It has been reported that, missionaries trap the young Syrian children working in the city by promising financial support for their family and in doing this they get their home address and telephone number.


Subsequently it has been claimed that the missionaries visit the Syrian families at home to make them convert to Christianity by providing them with an Arabic Bible, a book on Jehovah’s witnesses and some cash.    

Missionary workings are directed by the USA

USA’s missionaries in New York have named themselves as “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and are working under their project of “Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.” A team of this project has been sent out to Adana to work as a missionary. It has been reported that, the team is fluent in speaking Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic and English.

Young Muslims are directed to missionary websites    

Furthermore, it has been noted that the missionaries are also handing out leaflets that introduces a website of Christian propaganda. On the website there is an invitation to young people on joining lessons on teachings of Christianity as well as requesting a free Bible for delivery.

Shopkeepers: There is a swarm of missionaries in Adana

We are disturbed about coming across missionaries in the city centre said a shopkeeper. Adding on, “Missionaries are dwelling on every week in Kocavezir Shopping Centre to focus on young Syrian Muslims by taking their contact details. We have witnessed that in doing this; they trap young refugees to convert them to Christianity. They give money to some and rituals to others in order to make them revert from Islam and this to us is unacceptable.”

“Missionaries are working like a hidden organisation”

Turkeys population consists of 99% Muslims and it is therefore unacceptable to revert from religion said another shopkeeper. Adding that, “Some missionaries also speak Turkish, Arabic and Kurdish as well as English. They are trying to trap the young workers in Kocavezir Shopping Centre and when we ask them who they are and where they come from they don’t respond. We don’t know their names or their contact details. The missionaries here in Adana work just like a hidden organisation and unfortunately the mysterious activities are unseen by the authorities.”

Bibles are sent out after they meet  

A young Syrian boy confirmed the facts given by the shopkeepers adding on that the missionaries ask them for their contact details after handing out leaflets and that they say “It is very important that Christianity spreads around the area for the war to end in your country. For this reason we want to introduce our religion to young people and explain Jesus and Jehovah’s witnesses. You can also follow us on our website and we will also send you an Arabic Bible.” Missionaries left once the young boy rejected them.   

It is unknown whether the missionaries have permission to carry out their workings in Adana. (ILKHA)

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