Noting that the business world, judiciary and especially the media leg of September 12 coup d'état were never touched said Memur-Sen [Confederation of Officers' Unions] and emphasized that the coup mentality is unacceptable.

Confederation of Officers' Unions [Memur-Sen], made a written statement on the occasion of the anniversary of September 12, 1980, coup d'état.

It was noted that one of the most brutal systems of the coup system was the September 12 coup d'état, in which it was stated that thousands of people were filled in prisons in all the coup processes and been grilled.

“The most basic feature of September 12th, the most basic feature of the coup system, was that the state had built the spirit with all the coup mentality. Although it had been changed many times, still we could not be cleansed of this mentality that has been passed on to the Constitution. Without the doubt, the coup d’état mentality will be significantly restrained by the Presidential Government System, which was settled by the referendum of April 16th and will be fully passed in 2019,” said in the statement.

“Business world, the judiciary and especially the media leg of September 12 were never touched”

Although it is reported that the changes in the bureaucratic system are not enough to get rid of the values fed by the coup d'état mentality, the following statements were made:

"A complete clearing is only after accounting for all the factors that have triggered the coup system up to the factors in the imperialism behind the coup. On the other hand, the business world including the media and the judiciary leg of September 12 coup were not touched. A strong protection against the external connection of the coup could not be developed. As a result, triggers which the imperialism calls them as ‘our children’, first emerged against the national will on February 28th and then on July 15th.” (ILKHA)

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