The number of Arakanese Muslims taking refuge in Bangladesh has exceeded 500 thousand after the ongoing attacks of the Myanmar army and Buddhist gangs are over a month. Dozens of Arakanese lost their life on the road to immigration.

The number of Arakanese Muslims who took refuge in Bangladesh after the systematic attacks that the army and Buddhist gangs have launched in Myanmar since August 25 have exceeded 500 thousand. Dozens of Arakanese lost their lives while trying to cross the border with boats.

Arakanese Muslims, who are regarded as “one of the most tormented religious minorities” in the world, continue to be subjected to massacres and torture.

It is known that more than 1 million 100 thousand Arakanese were forced to leave their lands since 1970 as the result of systematic attacks by Myanmar army and Buddhist mobs. Arakanese last time experiencing the largest human drama.

The Arakanese Muslims, who have seen the dramas of massacres and tortures that they have experienced in 2012, have been living the same fate since August 25th. Thousands of Muslims have been slaughtered, hundreds of homes and workplaces have been set on fire for the past month, as it was in 2012.

The silence of the international public and world countries and the only thing that Arakanese Muslims can do against this persecution is to take refuge in neighboring country Bangladesh. According to official figures, the number of Arakanese who migrated to the city of Bangladesh's Cox’s Bazar has exceeded 500 thousand.

The Arakanese who want to escape from the attacks of Army and Buddhist mobs, overcrowd the boats. Buddhist soldiers continue their armed attacks on Arakanese while their boat journey. The result of the capsizing of the boat what until now dozens of Muslims lost their lives by drowning in the Naf River.

The number of Arakanese Muslims in Bangladesh is said to exceed 900, while the migration continues. (ILKHA)

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