Erdoğan meets Khamenei

President Erdoğan met with Iran's Religious Leader Khamenei.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was in Tehran for an official visit, met with Iran’s Religious Leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei.

In the interview, the events in the Islamic world up to East Asia, Myanmar and North Africa were discussed.

Pointing that East Asia, Myanmar and North Africa and the entire of the Islamic world faced with serious problems, Khamenei said, “If Turkiye and Iran reach an agreement in the face of problems that agreement will definitely succeed, and both the two countries and the Islamic world will benefit.”

Stressing the need to improve relations between Turkiye and Iran, Khamenei, said: “Despite the large capacity, unfortunately, there has not been an increase in the level of economic relations between the two countries.”

“America always wants to keep a disturbing vehicle against Iran and Turkiye”

Stating the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan as a threat Khamenei said: “Iran and Turkiye should take every precaution in the face of these events. The Iraqi government also needs to implement the decisions taken seriously on this issue. Perspectives of America and Western states on this issue is totally different from the view of Turkiye and Iran. They always want to keep an irritating vehicle against Iran and Turkiye. So the approaches of American and European cannot be trusted at all.”

“The Zionist regime wants to establish a new ‘Israel’ in the region”

Stating that a lot of enemies expend energy to keep Turkiye and Iran from the critical issues in the region, Khamenei, “External powers, and especially Zionist regime try to establish a new Israel in order make new conflicts. Based on the long-term and strategic perspective in the face of recent events, urgent and serious decisions must be taken in the framework of joint actions.”

President Erdoğan also said that they had a common conviction in Syria and Iraq in the negotiations with President Rouhani.

Stating that Turkiye and Iran need to make joint decisions on the Iraqi Kurdistan Region issue, President Erdoğan said: “Undeniably facts. The US and Israel agreed on Kurdistan, and Barzani made an inexcusable error by referendum. Iraq's neighbors cannot accept this decision and that the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Authorities will not be able to take a step forward and there will be no way of interest.”

Erdoğan lastly said that the US, France, and Israel want to dismantle the countries in the Middle East region: “They planned this for Syria, and the cooperation of Iran and Turkiye on this issue is very important.” (ILKHA)

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