Funds collected by Orphans Foundation for the Arakanese Muslims who have been genocide by the Myanmar army and Buddhist gangs will reach the refugee camps in Bangladesh.

In statements to the press about the aid they will, Orphans Foundation Chairman Fikri Karavil said as the foundation they will go to Bangladesh tomorrow.

Stating that they will stay with the Arakanese Muslims for a week, Karavil said that they will sink about 10 wells and will distribute 3 thousand 500 packages of food and clothing assistance and hot meals.

Karavil reminiscent of the help campaign started on September 14, “Buddhist gangs, especially in recent days, began slaughtering Arakanese Muslims with the biggest atrocity perhaps unprecedented on earth until today. This has been going on for many years, but it has increased the dosage a little more in the last few days. Muslims had to migrate from there because of these persecutions. We have organized a charity campaign for those brothers who are victims, who migrated and took refuge in Bangladesh.”

Stating that after doing their projects they plan, Karavil said that they will return to Turkiye on October 26 and added: “Our goal with the collected aid; to open 10 wells. Currently, we began to sink water wells, we hope we will make their opening. There are also tent houses. In addition, we will have a hot meal distribution program with our brothers and sisters while we are there. We will also provide stationery to provide some contribution to their education, which will meet the needs of Qur’an and bag school. Hopefully, we will have clothing program there.”

“Surely our people are extending a helping hand if there is an oppressed, victim no matter where in the world”

Stating that they have collected 250 thousand Turkish Liras [$68100] part of the campaign, Karavil said: “This assistance will be delivered to those in need. Our campaign will continue until 12 December. Our this assistance will continue. In the meeting point of the needs of people outside the country indeed, our people are in a position to be appreciated. Surely our people are extending a helping hand if there is an oppressed, victim no matter which part of the world.” (M. Hüseyin Temel, Abdurrahman Tetik - ILKHA)

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