People who react to allegations that a police station will be built instead of a health center destroyed in Bağlar province of Diyarbakır demanded the construction of a new health clinic.

People in Diyarbakır's central Bağlar district 5 April neighborhood Sakarya Street reacted to the allegations that a police station will be built in the place of a health center which demolished about 8 months ago, demanded their health services be met.

Inhabitants of the neighborhood, who said that it is not a suitable place to build a police station, requested a new health center.

Ayhan Tanrıverdi, the deputy Mukhtar of the 5th of April neighborhood, said that the excavated pit is a danger for children especially after the collapsed health center and that the bad smell that formed was disturbing the environment.

Tanrıverdi emphasized that they needed a new health center instead of the police station, "It was the first health center of Diyarbakır, a new hospital is better for our people in the neighborhood, there are police stations everywhere in Diyarbakır.

Mustafa Akkul, a shopkeeper who stated that he did not find it suitable for the police station, said "We already know that the physical conditions do not approve of making a new police station here. We, as artisans, talked with the provincial police director on this subject.  'It is wrong to build a police station here. It is a troubled place, and we have seen the fact that the environment around the building has done a great deal of damage to it,' we said to the police. Police Director of the Provincial Police said, "It is true. We also do not approve the construction of the police station there, but it is still unclear. It is known that there is a police station nearby where we say it is unnecessary."

Akkul also reported that the dug that had been excavated increased mosquitos and that the residents of the neighborhood were uncomfortable during the summer months.

Akkul said that the foundation should be filled in as soon as possible, emphasizing that the children face the risk of falling and drowning if the base is filled with water.

Metin Aydeniz also wanted to meet their health needs and said, "We do not want a police station here, we want a health center to be built here, to meet our health needs in difficult situations. (Mehmet Çelik - ILKHA)

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