kid was found dead in cotton fields

Another child was found dead in a cotton field in Şanlıurfa's Harran province in Turkiye.

A child who sleeps among the cotton piles on a field in the town of Harran in Şanlıurfa was found dead.

The incident took place in the rural district of the Harran district of Şanlıurfa. According to the claim, B.Ş went to the farm where the cotton harvest was made at night. Reportedly he was left breathless on the harvested cotton and lost his life.

Her family and relatives started looking for B.Ş. when he was not home. The family then found their child among the cotton pile as dead.

The child was taken to Şanlıurfa Forensic Medicine Institute for an autopsy.

As it is remembered, three children including two brothers were found dead in a cotton pile in Şanlıurfa's Eyyubiye in Gözeller Neighborhood on October 19. (Hüseyin Sayhar - ILKHA)

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