did not see the earthquake in Kurdistan Region!

At the opening of the General Assembly of the European Parliament (EP), the proposal for a declaration about the earthquake to be brought on the parliamentary agenda was rejected while there was no stand in silence for the loss of life in the quake.

In the opening session of General Assembly of the European Parliament under the presidency of Antonio Tajani held in Strasbourg, Janusz Lewandowski, European People's Party (EPP), member of the Polish Group, mentioned about the stand in silence that became a tradition in the General Assembly in any natural disasters.

"The European Parliament must show compassion and solidarity for those affected by this earthquake," said Lewandowski by criticizing the absence of a respectful stance and underlined that hundreds of people lost their lives Iran-Iraq border in the earthquake.

The EP President Tajani avoided answering by saying: "I sent a letter of condolence and solidarity to the leaders of the two countries."

Franz Obermayer, an Austrian member of the Group in the Europe Nationality and Freedoms (ENF), stated that the damage in the region, not specifying exactly known, "The European Union should take action. Should bring the issue of presence on the humanitarian agenda." (ILKHA)

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