Citizens in Elazig's Palu province stated that there is no place for Christmas celebrations in Islam and Muslims should avoid it.

Citizens from Elazığ Palu react to the Christmas' celebrations, expressing that such celebrations that are not in place in Islam and Muslims should avoid from such event.

Gazi Karabulut, a tradesman who stated that the year is a Christian tradition, said that Muslims' New Year is the month of Muharrem and that this month must be done with good accounting.

Hasan Şahin, an imam, stated that every human being and every Muslim should be obliged to obey Allah's order. He said that the celebration of New Year with is the born of Jesus was verbicide and distorted.

Şahin said, "We are against that a Muslim to participate that non-Muslims, Jews, and Christians festivals. Of course, we are all glad to have the birth of the Prophet Jesus, as we are glad to have the birth of every Prophet. We do not make discrimination between any prophets. But as Muslims, we should not celebrate Christmas or New Year's Eve which are contrary to Islam."

"It is forbidden for Muslims who celebrate Christmas and to attend any entertainment that night. Muslims have special days and nights. They have to worship those special days and nights. We might understand the conquest of Mecca on that night," said another imam Enver Zenginoğlu.

"I condemn Muslims celebrating the New Year when Jerusalem and the Muslims lands are under occupation"

"As a Muslim, I never accept the phenomenon of ignorance called Christmas," says Kutbettin Kayaoglu, a tradesman from Palu, added: "I condemn the Muslims and the Islamic youth celebrating this New Year's Eve program of Christians and Jews. I can not tolerate the celebrations of New Year's Eve, while the Jerusalem and Muslims lands are under occupation."

Tradesman Mehmet Karaçam expressed his reaction as follows: "We do not believe in tickets and national lottery-type things. We see those who buy it. We know that something made with haram-money is not good. It is not in our religion and book. We do not buy the national lottery and we do not celebrate the New Year."

Mehmet Şahin stated, "Unfortunately Muslims celebrate and New Year as like Christians and Jews celebrate it. We obey their tradition and belief. But they do not our religious festivals Ramadan and Qurban." (Murat Polat - ILKHA)

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