Edip Gümüş, the guide of the Turkiye's Hizbullah Congregation, published a message on the 18th anniversary of the martyrdom of the founder of the Jamaah, Hüseyin Velioglu.

Jamaah Hizbullah Guide Leader Edip Gümüş published a message on the ground of Hüseyin Velioğlu, the founding guide of the Jamaah, who was martyred in a raid on the house he was living in Istanbul on January 17, 2000.

In the message, which started with an Ayah from the Qur'an, Surah Ali-Imran-146: "How many a prophet fought alongside him numerous godly people? They did not waver for what afflicted them in the cause of Allah, nor did they weaken, nor did they give in. Allah loves those who endure," Gümüş said: "We commemorate our martyred leader with mercy! Today is the 17th of January, we perform the 18th martyrdom anniversary of our leader. In this bitter day, we commemorate our martyred leader with mercy; we pray that he is in mercy in the presence of Allah. For this occasion, I wish patience, health and salute for the families of martyrs, for the prisoners, refugees and their families."

"Our Martyr guide has been away from all sorts of rest, tried to strengthen this structure days and nights"

Stating that being martyr is not a loss but they are in comprehend that it is a divine grace, Gümüş continued: "The martyrs taught us how to sacrifice for the Islamic cause and walked to the Lord as satisfied. We also demand to be martyr from our Lord and pray to join this blessed caravan in the time when prays are accepted. While the Ayah of 'Indeed, We will cast upon you a heavy word.' (Al-Muzzammil-5) has come to the Prophet, the Prophet said, 'Now there is no rest for me.' Our martyred leader, who took lesson from the Prophet's life and understood it, stayed away from any kind of rest while lay the foundation of this structure, had tried to strengthen this structure in days and nights."

"The members of this Jamaah, like their leader, should demonstrate a distant position from inertia and exhaustion"

"The members of this Jamaah, like their leader, should demonstrate a distant position from inertia and exhaustion. They should revive his determination and tireless efforts," said Gümüş and added: "Our Martyred guide never made a tendency to the world and did not leave behind any other worldly heritage but his Jamaah. The love of mission to the Islam and Muslims had penetrated in the deep of his heart, all his action was for his cause."

"The evil accounts of the infidel forces on the Islamic Ummah even continue today"

"We have taken this lesson from the Qur'an, from the Sunnah of our Prophet, from the righteous people and from our Martyred leader that when Muslims have tendency to the world, when they put the love of world in front of Allah, in front of Prophet and Islamic cause, they weakened and are exposed to the attacks of the enemies. While the profanation disease has spread among all Muslims, unfortunately, its marks also seen among our brothers. We have to control each other and warn each other and remind each other on this issue. In addition, the evil accounts of the infidels on the Islamic Ummah are still continuing today, like it was yesterday. They carry out massacres against the Muslims to extinguish the nour of Allah. It is deficiency, flaw and abasement that Muslims do not fulfil their responsibility, and inclining to the world in the face of all this," said Gümüş.

"We must sacrifice the world for our purposes, and we should make an effort to preserve our family members in the service environment of Islam"

Emphasizing that Muslims should sacrifice the world for the cause, Gümüş said, "Our Martyr Leader was in effort for his family, his children, his friends and children of Muslims to be raised in an Islamic environment, to be consciously shaped according to the Qur'an and Sunnah. We are witnessing that Muslims have not taken this necessary care to children and families. Brothers whose goals are Muslim persons, Muslims family and Muslim society, should not neglect their families, their children, and must be an exemplary family in the society. All of our sisters and brothers should help each other in this sense, must be in an effort to go to in front of their Lord with a clean face together with their cause brothers and spouses. We must be willing to sacrifice the world for our cause and to keep our family members in a service environment to Islam."

"We want to express once more that our martyrs are the lamps that illuminate our path that we envy them and will protect and carry their blessed cause they entrusted us," said Gümüş at the end of message. (ILKHA) 

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