"We have succeeded in protecting our southern borders by building wire mesh, preventing the world of Islam from invading us," said Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban about Muslim immigrants in European countries.

Speaking at an annual evaluation meeting in Budapest, Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that most of the immigrants come from the Islamic world and that if the process continues in this way, Muslims will be in the majority.

"With the change of cultural values and the decrease of the population with Christian cultures, the Islamization of the big cities is moving from day after day," said Orban by warning the EU members to give up placing asylum seeker in member countries.

Defending that the immigrants are always "invade" big cities, Orban said that the number of Muslim children, those will start school this year in Austria has a big increase.

Claiming that Islamic civilization has a duty to spread Islam across Europe, Orban added that spreading Islam in Europe will not be from South but also from West in the near future. "By constructing wire netting and protecting the legal and physical frontiers, we were able to protect our southern boundaries. We have prevented the Islamic world from invading us from the south. We are the last Christianity country in the West. We are ready to stop even the largest masses in a stable manner. Orthodox countries are bravely fighting. We appreciate Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria."

"Western European countries cannot see that their cultural values have changed with the refugees coming in. Personally, I see that there are no talented political formations that are willing to stop this trend," said The Hungarian Prime Minister also added that the entry of refugees into European countries must be stopped. (ILKHA)

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