Air operations and civilian casualties in Eastern Ghouta are still continuing after a 30-days cease-fire that the UN couldn’t put into action.

After a month-long ceasefire decision taken by the UN, which is once again remained on the paper, and couldn’t put into action, the attacks of Assad regime against the Eastern Ghouta region in Syria, which is under the blockade, are still ongoing.

Over the past 10 days, more than a dozen airstrikes against Eastern Ghouta have been carried out, while the Assad regime forces backed by Russia continue to advance in the region.

In the city, which is under the control of its opponents, where about 400 thousand people live, about one thousand civilians lost their lives in the last 15 days, and at least 2000 people were injured, which the half consists of women and children.

Although the Eastern Ghouta was declared a de-escalation zone in Astana agreements, the Baath regime, which Russia assumed as guarantor, intensified its blockade against the region for 9 months.

"It means to surrender to the dragon"

In the region, where the humanitarian crisis deepened, thousands of civilians are waiting to be evacuated. Many of the babies and children of Eastern Ghouta lost their lives because of hunger and lack of medicine.

In the statement made by President Erdoğan about the patients of Eastern Ghouta, "I asked Putin for humanitarian aid to Eastern Ghouta, to evacuate wounded from there. I said 'Let us take the evacuees, let do their treatment in our country.' He showed a positive approach to this. But unfortunately, we couldn’t cover a distance related to our demand. There are reports that children and women have been evacuated and sent to Damascus. But sending them to Damascus means to surrender to the dragon." (ILKHA)

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