Association issues a message on the

A press release issued by the Mustazafs Association General Headquarters said the Holy Three Months to be instrumental in good deeds for the whole Islamic world.

Issuing a congratulatory message over the Holy Three Months, Mustazafs Association demanded it to be instrumental in good deeds for the entire Islamic world.

In the message emphasizing that "Three Months" should be seen as an opportunity, it was recommended to stay away from all kinds of evil and sin because of these holy months.

It emphasizes that three months are an important time period for Muslims that Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said, "Oh Allah, bless us in the months of Rajab and Sha'ban! And reunite us with Ramadan."

"We must spend these months with worship"

"Allah has sacred some days, nights and months. Assigned a meaning to those days and nights. Muslims should consider those days and nights of Rajab and Sha'ban as preparations for the month of Ramadan," said in the message. The message also noted that those months should be instrumental to store the spiritual positive energy of a year. "We must realize these months an opportunity, read the Qur'an as much as we can, try for fasting. We should look for ways to think our Lord and pray for Muslims brothers, who are under atrocity," said in the message. Mustazafs Association also wished that those three holy months to conduct of peace, to end the tears and blood in the Islamic World. (ILKHA)

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