Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas called the US Ambassador David Friedman "son of a dog".

Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas called the US ambassador to Tel Aviv David Friedman, "son of a dog," who defends the Jewish settlements built by the zionists in the occupied Palestinian territories and says it belongs to Israel.

"Many US officials accept that many jewish settlements are legitimate, including David Friedman, the Tel Aviv's ambassador. 'The Jews are building their homes on their land,' he says. Son of a dog," Abbas said at the opening of a meeting attended by Palestinian senior officials. "Are they constructing on their own territory? He [US ambassador to Tel Aviv] is the occupier; his family also is the occupier. What else can we expect from the US Ambassador to Tel Aviv?" Abbas asked.

In the meantime, the news in the website of the Hebrew Maarif newspaper, Friedman reacted to Abbas called him "son of a dog". "His response was to refer to me as a son of a dog. Is that anti-Semitism or political discourse? I leave that up to you," he said.

Netanyahu, the terrorist gang prime minister, said that the US administration had said "that’s enough" to the Palestinian Authority for the first time, "Apparently the shock of the truth has caused them to lose their mind,” he said.

"We refuse to cooperate with the US from now on"

Friedman, appointed by US President Donald Trump to the ambassador to the occupied territories, advised him [Trump] over the election campaign. Friedman, who supported Zionist occupiers to build new settlements and to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, is known as a name that has very close ties to the terror gang.

"Israel could face the risk of civil war if it ever dismantled its settlements in the West Bank," Friedman said in a statement last month. Saying that the invaders regarded this place as their territory and that they were bound to these lands.

Friedman was a columnist in the pro-jewish pro-zionist Arutz Sheva and Jerusalem Post. Friedman, who lives in the US state of Florida, also has a house in the Tekbiye district near Jerusalem. Friedman's daughter also began living here last year, migrating to the occupied territories. (ILKHA)

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