Hasan Shindi, spokesperson of Afrin Liberation Congress that founded in Gaziantep, said, "Afrin will be governed as part of Turkiye's province Antakya".

The roadmap determined in Ankara revealed to be clear about Afrin after Turkish Armed Forces and Turkiye-backed Free Syrian Army took control in the city. The Afrin Liberation Congress, which consist of 'opinion leaders' of Afrin gathered in Gaziantep after the TAF announced it has full control in the city, made a statement about the roadmap to be followed in Afrin.

According to the report of DW, Hasan Shindi, the spokesperson of Afrin Liberation Congress, stated that they elected a parliament of 35 people together with 5 substitute members in the Gaziantep meeting. Shindi stated that they sent the list of parliament, which consists of 24 Kurds, 8 Arabs, 1 Alevis, 1 Ezidi and 1 Turkmen, to the Governorate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He stated that the situation would be clear within a week or 10 days, then the members of the local council would go to Afrin.

"Afrin will be governed as part of Antakya"

Hatay Governor's Office would undertake the task of coordination in Afrin and a deputy governor will be appointed to Afrin who will act as the governor and provide coordination of Afrin said Shindi. "A governor will be appointed to Afrin. But we do not know who this governor. It still not clear. But the governor will be from Turkiye and the government will determine that. Afrin will be governed as part of Antakya," said Shindi.

The spokesperson also announced that a 450-strong police force was formed to serve in the city center. Members of the FSA and residents of Afrin he added form police power. Shindi expressed the FSA will leave the city within days after police forces start to work. (ILKHA)

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