The Arab League will gather extraordinarily at the level of representatives on Tuesday with the request of Palestine.

It was stated that the Arab League would meet extraordinarily at the level of representatives tomorrow to address the attacks of the zionists against the Palestinians. The meeting will take place in the presidency of Saudi Arabia.

Said Abu Ali, Assistant Secretary-General for the Palestinian Affairs of the Arab League, said that the Arab League closely followed the developments and events of 18 Palestinian martyrs on the Gaza border. In the explanation, the international community was called on to fulfill its responsibility for stopping these violations of the zionists and establishing an inquiry commission.

Palestinians are holding peaceful demonstrations at the border of the blockade of the Gaza Strip and the occupied territories since Friday against the zionist occupation in the 42nd anniversary of Land Day. The zionists are attacking with real bullets on Palestinians, those have been expelled from their lands since 1948, and a part of their lands have seized in 1976, demand to return to their lands, and have also demanded the abolition of Gaza's blockade that been applied since 2006.

Since the first day of the demonstrations, 18 Palestinian have been martyred and more than 1,500 Palestinians, including 750 with real bullets, were injured by the zionists. On the other hand, Palestinians plan to continue their demonstrations long six weeks. (ILKHA)

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